Why Dearman Won't Be Your Cheapest Option.

Tim Campbell  January 28, 2020  No Comments

Finding the best rates on moving companies is an important part of selecting your movers. There are so many options to choose from, and it can be stressful and overwhelming when trying to determine what type of mover you really need. We are here to help you make smart moving decisions. First, it’s important to realize that all movers generally fall into one of the following three categories; Professional, Average, or Cheap Movers.

Did you know that the movers who charge the least amount initially are usually going to cost you more in the long run? The average and cheap moving companies will almost always appear cheaper than hiring a professional moving company. However, the cost of hiring the wrong moving company is often much more than the final bill. For instance, it’s the cost of your precious time wasted, your worst fears come true, and the numerous losses incurred.

Your cheapest option will most likely give you a big headache due to unnecessary stress caused by poor quality moving practices. Often, this results from them not showing up on time, on the right day, or even at all in some cases. The poor communication and clarity about hidden fees leave many customers shocked when they receive their final bill. Furthermore, the cheap movers rarely secure your items properly on the truck, and this is terrifying, for they are often under-insured for damage to your household goods.

When selecting Dearman Moving & Storage, it’s important to us that you know you are in good hands. Our professional moving company will provide you with the highest-quality moving experience that will not disappoint you, for our goal is to exceed your expectations. For example, we personally guarantee that our movers will show up on time, every time. We protect your household goods with appropriate padding, use our own well-maintained trucks and equipment, and always secure your household goods with straps in our trucks. You will experience absolute customer service satisfaction from your personal move coordinator. They will communicate with you every step of the way and provide you with a bottom-line price with no hidden fees!

You will not have to deal with having your time wasted from a mover who shows up late, unnecessary costs of damage done by an unprofessional crew with little or no coverage, or the fear of not knowing where your household goods are before delivery. We promise to always be on time, alleviate all your fears, and protect you from losses during your move.

We are all about quality. We want you to have a good experience. We will not let you down. If you receive another estimate that is drastically cheaper than ours, consider it a red flag, and ask us some questions.

Just a little food for thought as you plan for your receive moving estimates. I hope you find it helpful! Feel free to call, text, or email me if you have any questions!

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