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Our storage pods for rent are portable - and we deliver them to you FAST! We guarantee delivery of your moving pods in less than 24 hours or you'll get 50% off your first month! We provide portable storage in Ohio, including Columbus, Cleveland and the surrounding areas. *Note: doesn't include multiple moves to/from storage or to new locations. Container delivery / rental exclusive to Ohio and we DO NOT DELIVER on SUNDAYS.
MobiSTOR Storage POD

Included w/ Every MobiSTOR Storage Pod:

We offer a number of value-added features when you choose pod storage and moving from us, which sets us apart from our competitors. These include:

FREE Delivery of MobiSTOR Storage Pod
FREE Final Pickup of Empty MobiSTOR Storage Pod When No Longer Needed
FREE Movement of MobiSTOR Storage Pod to Your New Location
FREE Movement to Our Storage Location (if stored at our warehouse)
FREE Movement from Our Storage Location to Your New Location (if stored at our warehouse)

Portable Storage Pod Uses and Applications

Using our pod-style containers has many benefits, such as reduced cost, easier loading, no-hurry loading and unloading, and no big truck to drive. MobiSTOR Containers offers Portable Moving Pods Solutions for all kinds of needs.

Declutter your house – to help it show better
Onsite Storage for Commercial or Residential Construction Projects
Additional Onsite Storage for your personal belongings.
Heated, Secure Storage when your new residence isn’t available
Commercial Storage – Hotels, Colleges, Hospitals, Sports Teams
Student Summer Storage

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Your Items & Their Stories Are Safe With Dearman Moving & Storage!

Fast Delivery As Low as $299 Per Month
  • Onsite Storage: Starting at $299/month for locations within 55 miles.
  • Stored in Our Climate-Controlled Warehouse: Starting at $339/month for locations within 55 miles.
  • Additional Moving Charges: Moves beyond 55 miles are subject to a $99 service charge for each move.
  • Optional Pad Rental & Boxes: We can include pad rental and boxes in your quote upon request.
  • Commercial Rates & Multi-Pod Discounts: We offer special rates for commercial clients and discounts for multiple pods.

Please be aware that deliveries, pickups, and location moves beyond 55 miles will incur an additional service charge.

We also offer special discounts:

  • 10% off for seniors
  • 15% off for military personnel

*Note: Storage pod rental/delivery is exclusive to Ohio, and we DO NOT DELIVER on SUNDAYS.

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The Dearman Guarantee

One Major Advantage We Offer Over PODS® Is That You Don’t Wait For Our Containers.  

We deliver our portable storage containers to you fast - often even the same day for orders placed before noon.
In fact, we GUARANTEE delivery of your container in less than 24 hours of your order / scheduled delivery date, or your first month is 50% off!
Note: storage pod delivery / rental exclusive to Ohio and we DO NOT DELIVER on SUNDAYS.

You load…we move! Our portable storage pods are approximately 16′ long, 8′ wide, and 8′ high and hold the contents of a typical 1,500-square-foot home (basement, garage, patio, and attic items may require an additional container). Just load your belongings and We’ll arrange to move them to your new location, where you can call us to pick them up when you are done.

Simple Quotes, and Fast Delivery – Schedule Before Noon and Receive Same Day Delivery – Guaranteed.

Pack and unpack at your pace. Your moving container stays on-site as long as you like, eliminating the pressure associated with moving truck rental.

There’s no truck to drive or a trailer to pull – we’ll move your portable storage units across town or arrange to move it across the country.

Our onsite storage pods sit level to the ground, so there are no dangerous ramps to worry about when loading.

Our sturdy, portable moving containers are constructed with waterproof materials and designed with moving in mind. Use our unique tie-down rings to secure your belongings and prevent shifting while moving.

Store your moving container at your location, at our warehouse or have us move the container to a new location. Need additional moving storage containers? Let us know and we’ll bring them to you.

Our fast, friendly representatives are ready to help you with your moving needs seven days a week.

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