Do you own a piano? Pianos can be purchased, inherited from a family member or friends, or even received as a donation. (Is a free piano a good deal if you have to pay to move it?) Understanding the cost of a piano moving can impact your decision on buying it or accepting it as a gift.

(If your piano is part of a local move or if you are moving your piano out of state, we provide detailed information.)

When professionally moving a piano, several factors impact the cost of moving the piano.

What Type of Piano Are You Moving?

There are many different pianos:

Your piano's size, weight, and shape determine how many movers will be required.

Moving a Grand Piano

Grand pianos are very large - and heavy. Moving a grand piano is harder to execute because of its massive structure, which poses several challenges to getting it into and out of a moving truck

Since heavier pianos are more difficult to move, you will need movers who know how to move them and have the specialized equipment to accommodate doing so. Also, larger pianos will require more packing materials, and you may need to be partially disassembled to be transported successfully.  

Moving a Spinet Piano 

Spinet pianos are small — one-of-a-kind upright pianos - weighing about 300-400 pounds. Moving a Spinet piano requires less cost for labor and packaging. 

Moving an Upright Piano

Moving an upright piano is easier than a grand — you need fewer people to move it, and you may not have to disassemble it to maneuver it around. To get an exact estimate of piano moving costs — long-distance or otherwise — do your homework and get the dimensions of your piano.

Moving a Baby Grand Piano

Baby grand pianos are still heavyweights. You may find it hard to move one due to its elegant construction and weight. When DIY moving a baby piano down the stairs, tie it with a rope and remove all removable parts for its safety - and yours. 

Moving an Organ Piano 

Organ pianos are heavy and fragile and very susceptible to damage. Moving professionals will require additional equipment to handle the delicate parts efficiently. You may have to pay extra charges for insurance and dismantling your organ piano. 

Moving a Player Piano 

Player pianos are large and unwieldy. They require substantial packing and specialized moving equipment to carry the load safely. Additional charges for moving a player piano include equipment, packing, insurance, etc.   

Moving a Square Grand Piano 

Moving a square grand piano is a complex process. Since square grand pianos are heavy and odd-shaped, if you are making a DIY move, you will need to have pads and/or blankets for wrapping the square grand piano before carrying it to a vehicle. 

How Far Are You Moving The Piano?

If you are moving a small piano within your home or a short distance, it will range between $150.00-$500.00, but the charge for moving that same piano to another state might be $1500.00 or more, plus extra insurance may be needed.

Although labor services and Craigslist-type movers may seem cheaper, professional movers have the experience and tools to handle your piano correctly. Professional piano movers will also have insurance and coverage to protect your home and your piano.

What Other Factors Might Affect The Cost Of Moving Your Piano?

Piano moving costs are hard to determine, for several factors influence your estimate. Your piano moving charges will depend on the unique requirements of your piano. 

The piano moving process is long and arduous.  

Things like stairs, elevators, tight hallways, or corners can impact the price of moving a piano because those obstacles may require additional movers. Also, you have to consider packing charges, hoisting charges, insurance charges, storage charges, and other additional charges.

Packing Charges

If your piano is large and heavy, it's important to handle the instrument carefully. In some cases, you will need to arrange for unique packing materials. You have to consider factors like cushioning expenses, covering expenses, and disassembling charges separately while planning your budget. 

Hoisting Charges 

Contractors may face several obstacles while moving your piano to a new home. Sometimes, pianos don't fit in doorways; movers require cranes and special equipment to overcome moving challenges. It would help if you determine if hosting charges would be in play, as well as any other equipment costs. 

Insurance Charges

Insurance is an essential factor to consider while you plan your estimate. If you have a fragile, antique piano, you cannot afford to compromise on insurance. Look at your piano and see if you need supplemental insurance to cover operational hazards. 

Storage Charges

If your plans are delayed or you come across emergencies, you might benefit from storage services. Prices depend primarily on the type of your piano and how much space you need to accommodate. 

Additional Charges

Piano moving charges often include additional fees. As a piano owner, you must assess your unique needs and consider different factors influencing the decision. Ancillary charges may consist of equipment fees, charges for delays, return fees, and other hidden costs. 

How Is Piano Moving Cost Calculated? 

Piano moving costs are calculated hourly or project-wise. When estimated hourly, piano moving costs must factor in the number of movers, moving time, equipment charges, and travel expenses. 

Many piano owners prefer paying a flat rate estimated based on the moving distance, hardship, the type of piano, and other essential factors. 

This Table Will Help You Calculate the Possible Cost of Moving Your Piano.

This chart provides a ROUGH idea of the cost of professionally moving your piano.

Range of Costs To Professionally Move Your Piano

0-10 Miles11-25 Miles26-50 Miles51-75 Miles76-100 Miles101+ Miles
Spinet Piano$275.00$285.00$300.00$375.00$475.00Call/Email For Pricing
Upright Piano$375.00$385.00$400.00$425.00$525.00Call/Email
For Pricing
Baby Grand Piano$375.00$385.00$475.00$625.00$800.00Call/Email For Pricing
Parlor Grand Piano$400.00$410.00$550.00$800.00$900.00Call/Email Call/Email For
Concert Grand Piano$400.00$410.00$550.00$800.00$900.00Call/Email Call/Email For
Player Grand Piano$400.00$410.00$550.00$800.00$900.00Call/Email Call/Email For

If you have stairs or elevators, it would be an additional $50.00 for each flight of stairs or $50.00 for each elevator.

If you have any specific questions not answered by this blog, please call or email movers in your area.   

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