Too often we hear stories of people being scammed by rogue, unscrupulous moving companies or moving brokers. The first red flag that should alert you to one of these bad moving companies is that they request a deposit to reserve your move or your moving dates. No Reputable moving company will ever a sk you for a deposit to reserve or schedule your moving date. If this happens to you, then run, regardless of how honest the person seems or how much cheaper the move seems to be. It could cost you 1000’s more than you planned by going with a rogue mover, and you may never see your items again.

We regret that it happens more than you can imagine. Here is just one example of a customer who was taken advantage of by a moving broker or rogue mover. This really makes us angry because they not only take advantage of people who work hard for their money, but they make all moving companies look bad.

Here is a real world example from

Had the movers cancel on me the day of the move. I've requested a refund, but they've stopped communicating. Any help suggested?

by bmwilborn » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:29 pm

I don't like being the bearer of bad news, but most likely, this money is gone. Did you check with the FMCSA to verify that this was a real moving company? If so, you might try filing a complaint with them. Your post here should help to warn others.

I'm truly sorry you had this experience. Are you still looking for a moving company?

by Jeff.Walker » Mon Aug 13, 2018 6:48 pm

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