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Portable Storage Containers
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Let us guide you through a stress-free moving experience.

Dearman Moving & Storage is here to support you at every step of your move. We're committed to making the move as convenient and safe as possible for our customers, which includes offering a protection seal with the invoice that ensures you get great value for your money.

At Dearman Moving we will provide assistance in whatever way we can – from moving supplies like boxes and bubble wrap to helping load or unload items, reassembling (if required), and even storage solutions if you need that option.
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Moving Pods

Free and timely delivery: Our storage pods are portable, and drop-off is free. We guarantee same-day delivery (within 24 hours), or you receive 50% off your first month’s rental.

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Pack your pod without a rush: We won’t rush you to load your storage pod, so we can carry it away. You can keep the container on-site as long as you want, packing it at a pace that fits your busy schedule.

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We’ll move the container for you: Don’t worry about the logistics of moving your storage pod because we do it for you. We’ll relocate your container across town or arrange a safe and efficient long-distance move.

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Unload when you can: Like when you’re packing the container, we won’t rush you while unloading. Keep the storage pod on-site for as long as you desire, and give us a call to pick it up when it’s empty.

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Providing Honest, Quality Bellville Moving Services for 50+ Years!

The Most Trusted Moving Company in Bellville

Dearman has offered honest, quality moving services for over 50 years. We are dedicated to protecting goods throughout the whole moving process. Each of your belongings has a “story,” so they all deserve the best protection. Our service includes providing an excellent crew that can respond to your needs and not ours.

The Dearman 5-Star Guarantee

Your move deserves the best, and that's why we come to you with our 5-Star Guarantee. It’s part of every move we do:

  1. We will be on time every time 
  2. Safety comes first - there is nothing more important than your safety.
  3. Priority scheduling is available as requested 
  4. We guarantee a full replacement valuation 
  5. We will stick to the quoted price 
On Time, Every Time
On Time,
Every Time

With our crew arriving on time, your goods will be moved on time. We promise to never be late; if we are ever more than 15 minutes later you'll receive 25% off of the job!

Your Safety Matters
Your Safety

We will ensure that your family is safe during the move. We are committed to hiring individuals who have passed a background check and rigorous training programs before being sent out on any job. As the most reputable packing and moving company in Bellville, we promise not only top quality service but also care for all of your belongings as if they were ours with every move you make.

Priority Scheduling

To avoid wasting your time, we offer priority scheduling. You won't have to waste money on an empty building or a motel.

Full Replacement Valuation
Full Replacement

We offer a plethora of different types and price ranges of coverage. We provide affordable options for everyone.

Guaranteed Price

To get the best deal, there's no need to worry about extra charges. We never raise our prices once we've agreed upon them with you!

50+ Years Experience
50+ Years

We have the knowledge and skills to make sure our customers receive efficient services while remaining safe during their relocation.

Instead of Paying For Expensive Repairs, You Can Have the Moving Company Cover Your Computer With a $5 Contract.
We make SURE that any contract you sign with us is clear about the level of coverage you will have. We don't just have a "catch-all" clause that doesn't consider expensive items to repair or replace, so our price isn’t misleading. We offer a wide range of insurance options so you can choose the one which you feel is best for you.
Our promise to you is to always:
Be Positive
Every Conversations Begins With A Smile
Be Helpful
We Help You Find The Moving Services and Moving Company That Best Fits You, Even if that’s not us.
We listen to the things that are important to you. Your move is built around you, not around us.
Be on Time
If We’re Late, Thats Not Professional & You Will Get 25% off that days work.
Be Honest
Honesty is Always The Best Policy. If we make a mistake we own up to it. We make it right.
Protect You
We promise to protect you, your information, your family, your belongings, and your property during your move.
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Let us do the Heavy Lifting

Life is Stressful Enough!

Dearman: A Trusted Local Moving Company in Bellville

Dearman Moving and Storage provides complete moving services including packing, transportation, and moving pods for Bellville moves into or out of the town. Dearman can provide the same world-class service that has earned over 230+ 5-star ratings on Google and made us a top-rated full-service moving resource for any Bellville move. Our team of professional packing Bellville workers, movers, and in-office staffers will help you every step of the way. Customers can trust our dedicated and experienced staff to take the very best care of any household or business move. 

Before you even start your move, you might need to store valuable items for a little while. We have you covered. For household or business, local move or long-distance move, Dearman has the ability to provide all the important services you might want like packing, transportation, and storage to accommodate any needs for local customers or for those who are moving into the town. 

Because Dearman has over 230+ 5-star ratings on Google, families or organizations moving into or out of Bellville don’t have to be worried about keeping their belongings or business assets safe on the road. Our residential and commercial movers in Bellville have the best skills and practice their craft at the highest level. You deserve to have that type of support for YOUR Bellville move and all your storage needs.

Bellville, Ohio could be a movie set for “the typical small town with a bandstand.” Main Street has a great mix of national attractions and restaurants plus an equal number of locally-owned businesses that offer fun and lively places for people to visit and enjoy. 

The Farmer’s Market runs from mid-May into October, right on the town square. It offers locally-grown food,  crafts, and plenty of fun. Through local funding, the Bellville Bandstand has been a fixture in the downtown areas since the 1870s and has been fun for so many. 

Additionally, the population in Bellville, Ohio is about 2,000, the median income is $63,779, and the median home value is $142,179. 

Bellville living is relaxed. Although it could be considered a semi-rural city, it is still relatively close to Columbus. It features a local ski resort, snow trails, and The Gorman Nature Center, as well as hiking and camping at Timberlin Lake Dam. There are also some cozy bed and breakfast operations to enjoy! 

Just by simply visiting, you’ll see our moving truck rental Bellville fleet transporting valuable items all across this beautiful area. 

If you’re worried about fragile or sentimental items being damaged during your move, Dearman offers skilled packing, storing, and moving. Our piano movers Bellville professionals will ensure that your piano is carefully packed, stored, and transported without a scratch. Rather than breaking your back trying to move a heavy piano or anxiously packing an expensive and sentimental item, leave it to our professional packing Bellville team of movers! 

When it comes to searching for a quality, experienced, and skillful moving company in Bellville, you’ve arrived at the right place. While coming to Bellville or leaving, Dearman Moving is eager to prove that it deserves all those 5-star Google ratings by making your move smooth and successful.

Experienced Bellville Movers, You Can Trust
Experienced movers aren’t ashamed of their reviews or the customers they do work with. We are proud of our reviews, and the relationships with the customers we do business with. These are some of our satisfied Consumers and Business reviews.
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