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Need a quote?

We can do estimates in person, via video, phone or chat. We can even give an estimate based on images from,, and  

Need to file a claim?

We’ve made filing a claim easy by including an online form for you to file your claim and upload your pictures.

Have a question?

See our Frequently Asked Questions section for quick informative answers to our most popular questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

This is kind of a two part question. The first part is “What areas do we service and do in home estimates?” We travel anywhere within Ohio to do estimates and sometimes to neighboring states.  But, with today’s technologies we’re not limited to doing estimates by traveling to your residence. We can do video estimates and phone estimates as well.

The second part of the question “How far do we move people?” We move people all over the world. We are part of the largest household goods moving company United Van Lines and we have a network and infrastructure to do moves anywhere in the world. 99 percent of our moves happen within the continental United States though and we’ve observed that over the last few years probably 50% of our moves out of the midwest have been traveling to the Southeast (NC, SC, GA, FL, VA). We regularly have trucks running those routes.

When should I get an estimate?

30-60 days prior to when you think you are going to move is the best time to get an estimate.

When should I schedule my move? (How far in advance)

The sooner the better, but at last 1-2 weeks on a local or in state move. 2-4 weeks if moving interstate.

How much of a deposit is required?

Legitimate moving companies do not require moving deposits. Moving deposits are a red flag to being scammed on a move.

Does someone need to come to my house to do an estimate?

Todays’ technologies allows us to do estimates a number of ways. We can do estimates in person, via video, via phone, via chat, and we can even give somewhat accurate estimates based on pictures you have posted on sites like,, and We also have a link on our site that allows you to enter everything you are moving and we can give you an estimate online.

What do I need to do to prepare for moving day?

1.  Have a plan for any kids and pets. Remember movers often can’t see very well when they are carrying your furniture. We’d hate to trip over your child or pet as we’re carrying a big dresser or piece of furniture. Kids and pets can also distract movers from doing their jobs and this can impact your cost especially if it’s an hourly job.

2.  Have cold beverages (water or gatorade) on hot days, and have warm beverages on cold days. This is a simple way to let the movers know you appreciate what they are doing for you. They appreciate this gesture though it’s not required.

3.  Think about lunch

4.  Make sure to pull out all important documents such as documents you might need for closing or taxes.

Do you have insurance coverage? Are you bonded?

All reputable movers have liability insurance, vehicle insurance, and workers compensation insurance. In the state of Ohio movers are regulated by the PUCO and part of their certification process is proving they have these coverages and keeping them current. There are a lot of uncertified moving companies that do not have these coverages so they should be avoided as you are placing yourself at risk by using companies who don’t have them.   You can see the list of certified movers at this website:

If I have damage what is the process.

Regrettably damage does sometimes occur. We don’t like when you trust us with your belongings and something gets damaged. To protect our customers we encourage full replacement coverage on every shipment. This gives you replacement coverage for anything that does get damaged, and also protects us from having an upset customer. We’ve also made filing a claim easy by including an online form for you to file your claim and upload your pictures. This speeds up the process and allows us to expedite handling of your claim. Anything we can do to make it simple and easy for you.

How do I know I’ll receive all of my items in their original condition?

When we load your shipment we prepare an inventory of everything we are moving. We note the original condition of the item. After we’ve got that complete we give you a copy and load everything on the truck. At delivery we encourage you to check off a bingo sheet making sure you receive everything and also inspect your furniture as we unload it. If you see anything that looks damaged you can let us know and we’ll note it on the paperwork and start the claims process. Even if you don’t notice something as damaged on moving day but do notice something afterwards you have up to 9 months to file a claim.

What happens if you are late loading or delivering?

Part of our moving guarantee is that we’re never late (except during extreme weather conditions). We know how important being on time is so we guarantee we’ll be on-time, every time. If we are late, you get a 10% rebate of your moving price. We pride ourselves in being on time. This is one thing that sets us apart from other moving companies.