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Let us guide you through a stress-free moving experience.

Dearman Moving & Storage Offers Reliable Moving Services

Dearman Moving & Storage of Cleveland, OH will ensure that there are very few issues during any move we handle - we are careful to be available throughout the journey. We’ll answer questions or help out in any way possible without charging excessive prices, which many less-than-honest companies do these days. By choosing us as their moving partner customers are not only getting great service but also peace of mind.  When you work with us, You can rest assured that everything will work out as planned.  Our entire staff has excellent communication skills and will be available to guide you at every step. 

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Delivered to you in as quick as 24 hours

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Take your time packing the container

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Our team moves the container

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Providing Honest, Quality Solon Moving Services for 50+ Years!
Our Movers Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We understand that “your stuff has a STORY.” Our team strives to provide you with the absolute best service and products to accomplish your move safely. You get a well-trained crew that can respond to ALL your needs. DearmanMoving & Storage is committed to protecting your goods throughout the entire moving process.

The Dearman 5-Star Guarantee

You can be confident with our 5-Star Guarantee during your move. We promise to:

  1. Be on time every time 
  2. Put safety first 
  3. Give priority scheduling as requested 
  4. Offer the option of a full replacement valuation if necessary; so you won’t have any surprise charges in the unlikely event that something unexpected happens. 
  5. Of course, we will stick by this price quote that was given in advance so there are no surprises at all for you or us. 
On Time, Every Time
On Time,
Every Time

We’ll be there on time, so you don't have to wait! Our crew arrives on-time and your goods will get moved out quickly. It's simple: if we're even a little late, you'll receive 25% off of that day's work!

Your Safety Matters
Your Safety

At Dearman, your family’s safety is our top priority. You can be assured about their safety during the entire time that we are moving your possessions. 

Priority Scheduling

We make sure that our schedule is designed to help you save time and money. We offer priority scheduling, so you don't waste your valuable time - or spend extra cash on a motel room.

Full Replacement Valuation
Full Replacement

You can save money by asking us about coverage plans. We offer full replacement value, so you don't have to worry if something unexpected happens!

Guaranteed Price

You will never have to worry about any "extra charges" once we sign a contract. Our price is firm!

50+ Years Experience
50+ Years

Dearman has over 50 years of moving experience, so you can rest assured that your move will go smoothly.

You Wouldn’t Want to Hire “Low-Cost” Movers.
No, $5 Won’t Fix Your Computer.
Make sure you're paying a fair price by working with our team. We don't take shortcuts and will provide you with appropriate protection in case something unexpected happens during the move. We don't just have a "catch-all" clause that doesn’t cover repair or replacement of expensive items. We make SURE that any contract you sign with us is clear about the level of coverage you will have and that you have the amount of insurance with which YOU are comfortable. We won’t cut corners or avoid serious considerations like providing a full range of coverage plans - like some moving companies do.
Our promise to you is to always:
Be Positive
Every Conversations Begins With A Smile
Be Helpful
We Help You Find The Moving Services and Moving Company That Best Fits You, Even if that’s not us.
We listen to the things that are important to you. Your move is built around you, not around us.
Be on Time
If We’re Late, Thats Not Professional & You Will Get 25% off that days work.
Be Honest
Honesty is Always The Best Policy. If we make a mistake we own up to it. We make it right.
Protect You
We promise to protect you, your information, your family, your belongings, and your property during your move.
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Let us do the Heavy Lifting

Life is Stressful Enough!

Dearman Moving & Storage of Cleveland - A Top Rated Local Movers Near You In Solon, OH

Dearman Moving is proud of its highly-trained and skilled team of full-service moving professionals and their familiarity with successful Solon moves. Our knowledge of the area and our industry experience add up to an excellent decision: choosing Dearman. You can count on our expertise and dedication to get your moving job done right. Moving into or out of Solon is easier with experienced moving companies in Solon Ohio.  

Our customers tell us that our local and long-distance movers are reliable and professional and have consistently proven that they can do a great job. We provide all the services you need for your including packing, transporting, and storing your possessions. Our professional packing Solon teams will carefully pack everything in your home or at the office. Our portable storage pods Solon professionals will protect all those valuable items and keep them in storage until you’re ready to move. And our moving truck rental Solon fleet and moving professionals will ensure that your move is as efficient and stress-free as possible. 

Whether you’re moving down the street or going across the country, we have the dependable and courteous staff to make your moving experience pleasant and stress-free. We will take care of you and all your household items or business equipment using our own trucks and dedicated crew, who will be with you all the way through your move, and that’s what makes us one of the best moving companies Solon Ohio has.

Our piano movers Solon professionals take great pride in packing, storing, and transporting pianos and other expensive and valuable items. We are completely at ease with both household and business relocations. Our team has the background and passion to make moves for either families or organizations on time and on budget. We know that no matter what type of customer we’re working with, they are depending on us to take the greatest possible care of their valuables and execute a seamless and successful move. 

Our objective is to provide professional moving services and ensure peace of mind whether we’re working with family heirlooms or computers, copiers, desks, industrial equipment, or any other item. We bring that same attitude and professionalism whenever we’re working with seniors and other customers who have special circumstances and particular concerns.

Every customer is concerned about the treatment of their goods, and we have demonstrated our expertise and awareness of these issues. That’s why our motto “Your stuff has a story (sm)” says it all, we are on board with making your Solon move or any other one a positive memory.

Solon is a very well-organized community that wants to preserve a high quality of life. The 23,000 city residents are delighted with the high achievements of their schools and have won many civic awards for the way their community serves its citizens. 

Solon is not just a bedroom community, its business community is very tech-savvy and has been recognized by Google with an eCity Award as the strongest online business community in all of Ohio. It has also been recognized as a very safe city and as one of Money’s magazine best places to live.

If you are searching for reliable movers in Solon, Oh, be sure to get in touch with Dearman. We promise to make your move efficient, stress-free, and memorable!

Experienced Solon Movers, You Can Trust

Experienced movers aren’t ashamed of their reviews or the customers they do work with. We are proud of our reviews, and the relationships with the customers we do business with. These are some of our satisfied Consumers and Business reviews.
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