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Our Long-Distance Moving Services

Moving is always a challenge, but the process of making a long-distance move can seem more stressful than other types of relocation. As the leading long-distance moving company in Ohio, Dearman recognizes that the changes and complications of a major move can seem overwhelming. You can be confident that we can manage all the details to make your move to a new area as hassle-free as possible. We have the people, equipment, process and helpful, friendly attitude to make any move easier and that’s why we are one of the highest-rated moving companies in our areas for long-distance moves.

At Dearman, we have two sets of trucks — one for local moves within Ohio and another specifically for out-of-state moves. The important thing to note about long-distance moves is there are specific licenses and regulations for companies moving anyone across state lines and we are bound by these regulations. Our moving company keeps our credentials up-to-date to meet all the legal requirements so we can help you move anywhere you’d like. We’re proud to serve customers throughout Ohio, including Columbus, Cleveland and the surrounding areas.

Long Distance Moving

No matter your reason for a long-distance move, Dearman can help. Completing hundreds of moves a year, Dearman helps all sorts of individuals and families move. Our long-distance movers typically consist of: 

  • Professionals changing jobs or relocating for work
  • Military families (with our military discount)
  • Retirees moving to warmer climate or near family (senior discount)
  • Families moving to a new city or state
  • Marital status changes

Affordable, Long-Distance Moving Services


Packing & Unpacking Services

Packing and unpacking your items can be time-consuming and tedious. This can be especially true trying to pack for a long-distance move when separating the belongings you need now versus those that may take a few extra days to arrive. Our qualified crew members can help make those decisions for a stress-free packing and unpacking process.


Small-Load, Long-Distance Moves

We can accommodate small load long-distance moves. Typically, a small move is that which is less than 3500 pounds – this could mean a few pieces of furniture and a few boxes. We provide this service for small moves over 150 miles. The timing of delivery may vary due to other volumes we’re moving but this is the best value for moving a few items across the country. 


Full Service Moving Conveniences

If you need someone to handle your move from start to finish, we are the right team. Our crew has qualified staff who can do the heavy lifting from start to finish. We handle everything on your behalf, from packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, driving the truck, cleaning up your old home, and more.  


Car & Motorcycle Shipping

Moving long-distances with extra vehicles can be a chore. No only do you use extra gas but driving for 10+ hours, possibly multiple days can be very draining and tiresome. And while it is fulfilling to take a motorcycle ride on the open road, it’s probably not the best option when moving long-distances or across the country. No matter your mode of transportation, we can transport cars and motorcycles in enclosed or car-specific trailers across country to your desired destination.


Moving Protection

We have insurance, which means that if your possessions are damaged or lost during a move, we can repair them or replace them. If that is not possible, we can currently offer a cash settlement for the item's replacement value.

Our Long-Distance Moving Process


Step 1 - Contact Us, Questions, and Schedule Moving Estimate

To get more information from us and pricing, you’ll need to fill out our form below or give us a call.It’s ideal to call us 60 days in advance to properly plan your long-distance move. We’ll ask you for basic information like the following:

  • Name/contact details/etc.)
  • Type of Move – Residential/Commercial
  • From Location/To Location
  • Timing - Dates
  • Type/Amount to Be Moved
  • Discuss Service Level -Complete/Combo

During our call, you’ll be able to ask any questions and by the end, we’ll be able to give you a ballpark estimate for our services. We’ll also schedule an in-home estimate so we can get more details of the work to be completed


Step 2 - Detailed Pricing and Confirmation of Move

After our scheduled estimate, we’ll refine our quote and present that to you. At this time, you will make a decision to move forward or not. If you decide to hire use, we’ll bring in our moving coordinator to:

  • Confirm all details of the move
  • Officially schedule you into our system 
  • Assign our crews and trucks to your move on the assigned date
  • Keep in touch until the day of the move

Step 3 - Moving Day!

Our moving coordinator will ensure our crews show up to your home on time, with all necessary trucks and equipment. We’re ready to move. 

  • We’ll perform any services agreed upon and load up the truck
  • We’ll drive your belongings to your next destination
  • We’ll unpack the truck and move any other requested items into your new home

Moving Abroad and International Relocation

It’s very rare that we are asked about international moves and moving abroad. Moving to Canada or Mexico are fairly simple moves considering the are neighboring countries, but moving overseas is a different process. The biggest difference compared to long-distance moving are the shipping costs and regulations of what you can and cannot bring to your destination country. You have to follow both US regulations and the country’s which you’re moving to.

We can transport your belongings to the appropriate destination to be shipped by air or sea but we do not have control over the care they are taken by the port authorities (airport or shipping ports). Because of this fact, for the safety of your belongings, we require full service packing and shipping to ensure your things are properly packaged to avoid damage.

How to Move Across The Country

When planning a major change like moving cross-country or any other significant relocation, it is critical to have a point of contact at a full-service long-distance mover in Ohio who is capable of managing and planning and communication for your move, starting with the planning and continuing through the entire process. It’s critical that you have this resource. 

Because Dearman is an affiliate of United Van Lines, we can manage the entire process seamlessly. The same moving coordinator will be working with United Van Lines and overseeing all the work as well as providing a continuous source of information on the progress of the move. We have the capability to coordinate all the long-distance services you might need including:

  • Initial advice and planning assistance as well as preparation for the entire relocation process
  • Directly supplying any packing materials you need, such as boxes, tape, and shrink wrap
  • Having qualified and trained professionally packers overseeing anything or everything in your home
  • Disassembling any complex or bulky items with multiple pieces
  • Loading all items to be moved – boxes, furniture any other goods into dedicated moving trucks
  • Transporting your belongings to the new location safely
  • Coordinating the unloading upon arrival
  • Placing boxes and furniture in the appropriate areas
  • Reassembling items that were previously disassembled
  • Unpacking items and moving them into their proper places

Relying on an Ohio long-distance moving company to provide any or all of the services like these that you want eliminates distress and worry. Having reliable help makes it easier to avoid issues that might otherwise derail not only your move but your life during the moving process. It’s great to have a company with the resources of Dearman to make sure that your move is done smoothly from the beginning to end.

Avoiding Stress, Saving Time and Staying Safe  

One thing that many people overlook with long-distance move is the amount of time that can be wasted when you don’t have the right moving company working for you. Without the type of coordination and communication that Dearman provides, you could add hours or even days to the amount you spend on a move. It’s important to consider that just the amount of time it takes to physically travel from one place to another can be quite considerable. Our team of reliable and highly professional staff and crew will take the slack time out of your schedule. They can and will manage each aspect of the job efficiently.

Long Distance Moving

How Much Does Long-Distance Moving Cost?

The cost of a long-distance relocation will vary depending on specific factors, including distance traveled and the number of items. One of our professional team members can discuss the particulars of your move and develop a plan and estimate to make your long-distance move as economical as possible.

Our estimators can do a quick review of your needs and also generate inventory during an on-site visit to your location. We even provide some suggestions on how to save time and money and then provide you with an accurate interstate moving quote that will be designed to fit your needs and your budget.

Some other factors that have to be considered for your final moving cost include:

  • Weight and bulk of the items to be moved
  • Moving during weekends, peak seasons, and other times of the year can increase costs
  • Additional services you will need such as packing, furniture disassembly/reassembly, and more
  • Storage services before or after your move

Banned Items not to pack for interstate moves

As we said above, there are certain regulations we have to abide by for long-distance moves. Here is a list of items that we cannot move or are against our company policies to move

  • Matches, lighter fluid and other flammables
  • Propane
  • Kerosene
  • Motor fuel and oils
  • Paints, thinners, varnishes
  • Cooking fuel cans
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Acids and corrosives

You should also not pack any frozen, refrigerated or opened food containers as these would attract pests such as rodents. You can move food items in your car, but it is best to give away extra food or dispose of excess instead. We also do not transport plants as these cannot handle the lack of light, stress and heat or cold of long-distances moves.

Why Hire Dearman as Your Cross-Country Mover?

Our crew consists of well-trained members that are always ready for the job. They’re friendly and always ready to answer your questions about our process. A successful move starts with the right moving equipment. At Dearman, we have all the necessary tools to ensure that your items are moved safely and successfully from one place to the next. 

As you move your items across the country, you might be worried about their safety. Dearman understands. As one of the primary cross-country movers in Ohio, we have an insurance package that ensures your goods are covered during a long-distance move at full value replacement coverage.

Columbus Long Distance Moving

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