"This time, we're hiring professional movers & I'm looking forward to the move!"

Moving can be so stressful, there's no doubt about that, at least from my experience. Within the last three years, I've moved from Ohio to Georgia and then to Minnesota. It's always the same routine; start packing, realize you don't have nearly enough space to take everything you need, get rid of half your belongings, start over when you get to the next place. Without a moving company, I had to fit everything I own into my vehicle, and that's tough when your dog likes to ride shotgun. Let's fast forward to Georgia to Minnesota trip. It's approximately 20 hours to get straight there, but of course, we had to stop in Ohio to clear out my storage unit to get the stuff I couldn't bring with me the first time I moved. As my boyfriend and I packed up our lives, we knew we'd have to part with a few items. Unfortunately, that included our mattress and box spring, desks, and about half my wardrobe. There were two cars to transport, neither of which had a hitch, and only two of us, so a U-Haul was out of the question at this point. How frustrating!

Have you ever driven for twelve hours alone? I’d imagine it's enough to make anybody irritable. I'm a terrible night driver. For example, I hit a traffic cone and knocked my passenger-side mirror off, and now there's another expense. Once we made it safely to Ohio, I was grateful that my dad could help us move and is willing to drive a U-Haul truck thirteen hours to Minnesota. Now, we can tow my car since I broke my mirror on the way up there. Thankfully, my old bed was still in storage! Although, it was so heavy to move. I was still exhausted from the drive, and now we must pack again. We got almost everything this time but still had to leave a few things behind. I underestimated how much of our belongings the truck could hold.

Driving through Chicago was the worst experience of my life, along with toll roads and a U-Haul truck towing a jeep. Talk about added expenses! All I wanted was to get there and be done with this whole move! We drove all night, and then when we FINALLY arrived, we had to unload the truck. Did I mention we live on the third floor? Wow, that was a brutal workout. As I started to unpack, I was so disappointed as I realized exactly how much we had to leave behind.

We're currently planning our next move to Texas and will be hiring a moving company! For, I'm going to save so much time, stress, and heartache. Not only will they take all our belongings, but they can also transport our cars so we can fly! I'll be able to keep all the items we've accumulated this year, and I won't have to take off so much time from work for the move. This time, I'm looking forward to the move!

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