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Understanding Your Local Move Estimate

Tim Campbell  June 4, 2019  No Comments

It’s important to understand the moving estimate you’ve received from your estimator/moving company. Sometimes they are not the easiest to read or understand. For local moves (moves 50 miles or under), our jobs are based on an hourly rate.

Here are some common Q&A’s when reading your local move estimate from Dearman Moving & Storage:

How did you come up with the number of crew members and hours needed for the job?

After an inventory of the items to be moved is generated, our system gives us an estimated weight for the shipment/move. Using this weight, we calculate the total number of man hours needed for the job using a tested formula. We then divide by the number of crew members needed to complete the job.  

How did you come up with the packing total?

Packing is based off the type of boxes needed for the job. The labor to pack the boxes is included in the hourly rate, then the cost of each container is added.

What sort of coverage do I receive with my local move?

A $0.90/lb valuation is included with our local estimates, free of charge. This means that if something were damaged/broken during the move, you would be reimbursed $0.90 for every pound that the item weighs. Raising your coverage is definitely an option, but there will be an added fee. For full coverage, it is an extra $6 times the estimated weight. Feel free to ask your estimator or coordinator about your options.

What is drive time?

For our local moves, the drive time is part of the total job time. The way we calculate total time is, we start the clock when the crew arrives at the job, stop the clock when the job is finished, and then tack on the drive time from the office to the origin address and the drive time from the destination address back to the office. Another way to word it, the time starts and stops at our office.

When do I pay and what method of payment do you take?

You will pay for your move after the crew delivers your shipment and calculates the total time. We take credit card, cash, and personal check for moves $1500 and under.

What is the break down of your hourly rates:

For 2 crew members the rate is $125/hour then $50 for each crew member after.

Why do you have a 4 hour minimum for your local moves?

We implemented the 4 hour minimum for all local moves to covers the cost of scheduling, preparing the truck and paying the crew members.

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