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Ask your move coordinator

Tim Campbell  April 7, 2019  No Comments

When people hear that I am a move coordinator, they usually ask, “What is that?” Well, I pretty much walk hand-in-hand with customers throughout the moving process and educate them along the way. It is my job to make the moving experience go as smoothly as possible for my customers. I have learned that the best way to insure a seamless move is through communication, communication, and, oh did I say, “communication”? About 90% of the time, an unsatisfied move could have been avoided with better communication. The more questions my customers can ask, the better. But if you are like me before I started working in this industry, you may not even know what questions to ask.

This job has been quite the learning curve for me, and honestly, I think that has made me successful at my job. On a daily basis, I am interacting with people who know very little about the moving industry, and a short time ago, I could relate. I wanted to generate a list of questions that I previously didn’t even know I needed to ask about a move, so you can ask your move coordinator and be educated about what your move will entail.

What can I expect on moving day? Get informed about the moving process before it takes place.

What type of insurance do you offer or do you of valuation do you offer? Every company is different, and it is important that you have something in place in case there is damage or breakage during your move.

What will my delivery spread be? There is often a big misconception that a customer’s shipment will arrive on a specific day of his/her choosing. This often is not the case, especially with out of state moves.

When is payment for my move due? Be wary of moving companies who ask for deposits before the move. Many people have been scammed this way. Now if you plan to use credit card, our company is required to collect the day of loading if it is an out of state move. Just be informed about what methods of payments are acceptable and when you are required to pay.

Is the estimate that you provided me with bound? Most quotes that are generated for your move are going to be for an estimated amount, but there are different types of quotes you can receive. If the estimate is not bound, then it is subject to change. If the estimate is bound, that is the price you will be paying for your move.

Are your crew members vetted and drug tested? There are many moving companies who hire labor who has not been vetted or drug screened. It’s okay to ask about the crew who will be in your home handling your household goods.

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