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We provide Moving Services tailored to help you reach your dreams.

Protecting your past, while moving you to your future.

Providing Moving Services for over 50 years

When it comes to moving, we believe in providing top-of-the-line products and services and a flexible, well-trained crew that can meet any customer’s specific needs.  But what really sets Dearman apart, is the fact that we value your possessions just as much as you do. The importance we place on moving and protecting your possessions stems from our core beliefs.

We Value Your Story

Your possessions are worth more than the dollar amount others assign to them. Their value is decided by you, the stories you wrote on them and how they reflect who you are. Because we understand your possessions this way, we treat the moving process a little differently than others. Stories are our priority and above all else, we want to assist in transitioning your stories as quickly and safely as possible into the next chapter!

Your Families Possessions Are Stories

Dearman believes that possessions are stories. They reflect who you are and what you stand for. They are the canvas you’ve written your story on, the tangible proof of the time you spend with people you cherish. If your possessions could talk, they would tell tales of where you started and how you got where you are now.

Our team sees your stories when we move at them, where you rocked your kids to sleep before they grew up too fast, the tools Dad used to teach you how to change the oil in your first car, the utensils Great Grandma used to teach you how to bake her famous cookies.

We understand we are moving more than just your belongings, we are moving the things that make up your Life Story.

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We want to help alleviate as much anxiety from the moving process as possible. 

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The value we place on moving your possessions sets us above other moving companies.

50+ Years Experience

Dearman Moving and Storage has been in business for over 50 years as an Ohio-based moving company.

Multiple Solutions

Local moving, long-distance moving, truck rental, DIY solutions, logistics, warehousing, packing services and more.

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Dearman has partnerships with other companies that allow us to provide you with the best possible moving products.

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The staff and crew at Dearman Moving are extensively trained to give you the best service.

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We are located just north of Mansfield, Ohio where we have a 45,000 square foot warehouse.

The Management Team

The entire team at Dearman Moving & Storage is committed to making sure that your next move goes as smoothly as possible.

Tim Campbell

CVO - Sales & Marketing Director

Don’t hesitate to call or message me in the wee-hours of the night, because that’s when I am very awake and very productive. My team swears I don’t need sleep. I love my job! In particular I love that one day, one move is never the same as another. I love the team of people we have at Dearman and not only because half of them are my family members. After dying and coming back to life in 2012 from a major heart attack, my priorities and perspectives are focused on the great things in life: family, friends, work team, and cultivating a great business to serve our customers!

Chris Campbell

CEO - Integrator

Everyone tells me that I come across as gruff and rough around the edges“grumpy” has even been a word used to describe me. For this reason, they have surrounded me with people like Jess and Sarah to neutralize my seemingly cold energy around the office. If I had it my way, my big dogs would be keeping me company throughout the day. My favorite part of my job is lunch. I am really good at lunch. Oh, and I also enjoy the fact that it is an absolute honor to carry on our family business with my less handsome older brother.

Penny Campbell


Nancy Holderman

Relocation Consultant

You’d think being a mom of five would have slowed me down by now, but I am going full throttle and enjoying my adult children, my work and home life more than ever these days! I am a problem solver with a huge heart. I take much satisfaction in finding a solution for our customers during, what can be, an extremely stressful time. If you ever want to repay me for my hard work, send me on a camping trip! The great outdoors fuel my soul.

Nichole Lang

Personal Move Coordinator

Competitive and laid back may seem like an oxymoron, but that would be me! I have three rescue dogs, and I was recently married, so you could say I rescued my husband as well. Our love for the outdoors and adventure incites us to spend our time and money on experiences—you can put a price tag on things, but not on memories. There’s my inspirational quote of the day for you! You’re welcome!

Kalyn Michael

Local & Long Distance Dispatcher

I’m known around Dearman as the bubbly, go-getter gal. I am quite the multi-tasker and have a smile on my face the whole time! I mean, not to brag, but I can highlight your hair and dispatch a fleet of trucks all at the same, no problem. Even though I have my cosmetology license, working with my family makes this job amazing—family is the world to me.

Jess Wilging

Personal Move Coodinator

Everyone calls me Jess, unless you are a family member then you will call me Jessy-Bess, which I hate. I am extremely passionate about my kiddos, one bio and two foster. Most people who know me will say I can surprise the grumpiest of people by making them at least crack a smile. Favorite part of my job? Turning people’s stress about moving into an organized plan, allowing them to enjoy the transition.

Scott Chase


I’m a talker! Or so people say. Actually, I totally agree with that assessment. I talk a lot. You won’t find me texting, typing, or writing out my words if I can say them to you! When I am not talking, you’ll find me concentrating on my golf swing or relaxing by the pool on one of the many cruises I’ve taken. I take much delight in educating and helping people, so this job is a perfect fit for me!

Our Team of United Van Lines Drivers


Billy Harden

Local Mover

Cameron Pugh

Local/Long Distance Mover

Jordan Haapalainen

Professional Local Driver

Cody Henderson

Professional Long Distance Driver

Colton Henderson

Professional Long Distance Driver

Wesley Hershberger

Professional Local Driver

Jordan Spade

Local Mover

Matthew Palmer

Local Mover

Terrance Deener

Local Mover

The Dearman Story

In March of 2012, our mission & vision as a company was altered.

While working in the warehouse, the President of Dearman Moving and Storage went into cardiac arrest. After receiving CPR, and being sent to the hospital where stents were placed in his heart, he decided things were going to be different for him and everyone his life touched.

Knowing that life is not guaranteed, he committed to do everything he does with a new passion and compassion! The way he lives now is a testimony to all of those who work with him at Dearman Moving and Storage.

Team and Family

Because Dearman is family-owned and operated, those he works with would have lost not just their boss, but husband, father, son and brother had things ended differently. After the reality of how fragile life really is sank in, we decided to be more intentional about what we do. This includes intentionally caring for customers in a way we never experienced.

The family and team at Dearman have been part of this ride since the beginning. We’ve seen a lot of change over the years, but will never forget our roots. One of our most popular sayings reflects Dearman’s history and mission to the customer very well.

Protecting your past, while moving you to your future.

Put You & Your Family in Good Hands

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