5 things to consider before using pods moving containers

Tim Campbell  December 1, 2021  No Comments

Pods are portable moving units, which means you can pack them up and move them to another location if required. You don't need to hire movers or rent a van. Loading, moving, and unloading the pod is your responsibility.

Here are some important things to consider before using contracting for pods moving containers:

1. What is the pod made of?

Pods are usually made of reinforced material with a metal frame. The walls of the pods are extremely sturdy, offering maximum protection for your belongings.

2. What's inside?

When you use storage pods containers, most moving companies require that you not put any hazardous materials in the pods. This includes paint or chemicals, which will damage their trucks or pods. Try to keep it simple by moving only your belongings.

3. How long will the pods take to arrive?

We at Dearman Moving & Storage guarantee to deliver your moving pods containers in less than 24 hours all over Ohio, except for Sundays. However, there are some very rare cases when delivery may take longer - it's best to plan and order AHEAD!

4. Are there any hidden fees?

We do not charge any additional fees when you use pods moving containers. However, other companies may charge fees for various reasons. Depending on where you are located, some companies may have restrictions regarding delivery or storage locations. You can work with us and have zero worries about fees from another company - which means that you should ask about any hidden fees or special requirements before you make a deal with the company.

5. Will your goods in pods shipping containers be insured?

We offer a wide range of insurance coverages, which we discuss with you upfront so you choose the coverage you want. However, this varies from company to company. Ask any other company if they offer insurance on their vehicles and equipment.  

At the end of the day, as long as you ask all the right questions and do your research, PODS is a great solution for those who need a quick and convenient moving solution.

How to choose the right kind of pods storage container for your family?

Fortunately, Dearman Moving & Storage offers one brand of pods - which automatically becomes a storage pods container when you want to store items. They are reusable, watertight containers that can be used to store almost anything. It's the perfect turnkey solution for both short and long-term storage needs. 

They can be used inside or outside of your home, so you can live more comfortably while you're working on other parts of your house during a remodel or while you're settling into a new house and don't quite feel like you have your belongings in order yet.

We offer storage pods that can be used for many other activities:

  • For college students who need storage while they go home over the summer or move to a new place
  • For people with seasonal storage needs
  • For people who like to go camping, boating, or RVing
  • For businesses that need temporary storage during a move

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming move or simply want to declutter your home, PODS can help. 

They are perfect for storing all of your items in one convenient location at a low cost. You can access your pods storage container at any time and load or unload it as many times as you would like, which is often necessary if you're using a storage pod for seasonal purposes.

 Pods moving containers are a great option for storing just about anything, including appliances, clothes, books, furniture, and more for your local move or long-distance move. They're also incredibly easy to use. Simply call us at 614-352-0654 for delivery. We will drop off your pods moving container where you need it. You can then fill it at your convenience, and when it arrives at your new location, you can take all the time you need to unload it.

Pods moving containers are the perfect turnkey solution for all your storage needs, no matter how big or small.

For more information on our Mobi-Store storage pods, please check here.

12 advantages of Mobi-Store moving pods

  1. Environmentally friendly
  2. Convenient and affordable
  3. Wide range of sizes for moving or storage needs
  4. No long-term commitments--move out whenever you are ready
  5. Peace of mind, all your belongings are safe in our secure facilities with round-the-clock video surveillance and security monitoring
  6. Pods can be used for long, short, or even last-minute moves, so you have the flexibility to decide when you are ready to move
  7. Moving is simplified--everything gets packed up for you
  8. Save money by packing your pods yourself
  9. Your belongings are stored in climate-controlled environments to ensure their safety and comfort
  10. Get the job done with the help of our friendly, uniformed professionals--we load your PODS pod or container quickly and carefully
  11. You can manage all aspects of your move online at any time--sign up for email or text updates, change order details or extend your reservation
  12. Pods can accommodate any need--from studio apartments to multi-story homes. And if you're just looking for short-term storage, call us today about our convenient storage solutions