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A good life for the people

"It’s a constant reminder of why we’re doing this—not to line our own pockets, but to provide a good life for the people who work for us and to be a positive presence in our community. I want our community to be successful..." Tim Campbell Seventy-six days a week...

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Spinning Plates

“Very few people who have ever died actually get a chance to tell you their story. For Tim Campbell, Chief Visionary Officer of Dearman Moving and Storage, it’s a story he’s grateful to be able to tell.” Tim Campbell, Chief Visionary Officer “I’ve always been this...

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More than just belongings

"Because it’s more than just belongings and possessions and things that are being moved--these are the items that make up each customer’s life story. " - Chris Campbell, CEO. Getting accustomed to the new title didn’t happen immediately. Up until January of 2019,...

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Do it right or do it over

“The most important lesson I’ve learned, was from my grandfather. He always taught me that if I’m going to do something—do it right, or do it over.” - Chris Campbell, CEO Straight-A student. Captain of the football team. Visions of West Point. A double major of...

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