Yes, We Can Build The Move Of Your Dreams!

Tim Campbell  April 19, 2020  No Comments

“I want to pack some of my items, is it possible to leave the larger items for your crew to pack?”

Absolutely! This is your move, and we can help you build the move of your dreams. It is our pleasure to personalize your moving experience around your needs. We want to help you decide on moving services that will best fit your needs, desire, and budget.

You are not alone, for many of our customers plan to do their own packing. Time and time again, when we are gathering information about a customer’s moving service needs, they will say, “We will do our own packing. We just need you to move the big stuff.” This is when our partial packing option may be recommended for you. It’s the best of both worlds!

You may want to pack up some personal items and memories, purge some items, and then have the professional movers pack up some of the more fragile and timely things. This can offer you a good balance between saving money and time, and the money you save purging items will help offset some of the money you are paying professional packers.

Enjoy this short video from Nichole as she explains our customizable moving solutions that are also available to you!

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