Money Saving Moving Tip-Doing Your Own Packing: Televisions

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Why Pack Your Own Televisions?

Flat panel televisions are widely popular and are found in most households. When flat panel televisions reached the market, they were quite expensive, originally reaching into the 10's of thousands of dollars. To pack these televisions, moving companies charged hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Although the price of televisions has decreased significantly, the overall cost of packing televisions with a professional moving company is still high.

Inside Information About Packing Televisions

Packing your television can save you hundreds of dollars on your move.  This is a simple thing you can do to reduce moving cost and Save You Money!

Cost Comparison Of Packing Television Yourself

Moving companies most often provide flat priced quotes instead of itemized quotes, therefore you don't see the specific line item cost of each service included in your move.  This isn't a deceptive practice, but a way to keep quotes simple and not confuse customers.

Behind the flat price quote there are itemized charges that make up your quote that you don't see.  Here are two examples of real-life moving quotes for a family with 4 televisions in their home. One quote includes the packing of 4 televisions, the other does not.

Here is the price with the customer packing the televisions.

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 6.48.37 AM

This is the price with the moving company packing the televisions. 

Cost with Packing 4 Televisions

That's Real Savings!

Do you see the difference?  By packing the televisions themselves, this family could have saved $804.80. Would you pack televisions yourself to save possibly $200 a television if it only took about an hour of your time?    The customers in this example would have saved 15% off their total moving price by packing the televisions themselves.

Why Not Just Leave Television Unpacked?

Sadly, some moving companies will convince customers that televisions will be fine pad-wrapped. They will claim they are saving you money, but really they are shifting the liability to you. These companies most likely offer the minimum liability coverage, meaning you are covered at $0.60 per pound per article. With this coverage, if your flat screen television (which weighs under 50 pounds) is damaged, you would receive $30.00 (50 lbs weight X $.60) toward a replacement television.  This isn't the wisest option or even necessarily the cheapest if you have to replace your television.

How Do I Pack My Own Television

We created this simple (cheap video) to quickly show you how simple packing your own television can be.  Our purpose of the video isn't to impress you with our videography skills but to quickly show you how simple it is for you to pack a television yourself.  

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