Tips for Moving Across State Lines

Tim Campbell  June 11, 2019  No Comments

Moving in general can be stressful, and moving long distance can amplify that stress. We want to provide you with some tips that will help alleviate some of that stress.

1.  Use a Major Van Line for Full Service Moves: Do NOT use a company that does not have a physical address with an office and warehouse with trucks. There are many rogue movers scamming people, and if you want to reduce stress, using these guys will not help!

2. Research Referrals/Reviews: Ask your friends, family, realtors, coworkers, and other people you trust about who they have used to move them. Read legitimate reviews such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp when researching movers.

3. Get It In Writing: If it is not in writing, then it is not guaranteed, and scammers will manipulate what they originally promised, leaving you in a “he said, she said” situation. When it is in writing, make sure you completely understand what you are signing.

4. Compare Your Inventory: After an estimate, be sure to compare what is on the inventory/cube sheet to what is actually in your house. What is listed is what the company is contracting to move.  

5. Move Coordinator: A move coordinator is your number one point of contact that should walk you through from the time of booking to the time of delivery. He/she has the job of making your transition as smooth as possible through consistent communication.

6. NEVER NEVER EVER Select the Cheapest: Did I say “NEVER?” The cheapest mover is never the cheapest when it is all said and done. Cheap movers are cheap because they hire cheap labor, do not maintain their equipment, have cheap insurance or no insurance, and I could go on.  

7. Don’t Wait Until Last Minute: Failing to plan for a major move can end up costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars and could prevent you from choosing the best company.

8. Understand Your Delivery Spread: If you are moving out of state, you will most likely have a delivery spread to be prepared for.

9. Take the Time to Purge: Moving is a great time to purge things. Do not pay someone to box up and/or move things that are not important to you. Save some money and space!

10. Ask A Lot of Questions: Professional movers move people all the time, and sometimes we forget that the customers do not know certain things that seem obvious to us. There is no stupid question.

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