How Dearman Makes Moving Stress-Free

Tim Campbell  May 23, 2019  No Comments

“Stress-free” is quite the buzz word these days. We pay big money to be stress-free. We pay for therapists, medication, massages, babysitters, vacations, cleaning services, dog walkers, assistants, comfort food, and the list goes on.

So how does Dearman prove to make your move stress-free? There are some tangible/measurable ways that we do this for our customers.

Dearman Moving & Storage

Solves Problems: There are unforeseen circumstances, especially in the moving industry. We have created a team of employees who can think outside the box in situations in order to get the job completed and make our customers happy.

Tailors to Your Schedule: We work with our customers’ schedules. If delivery spreads need to be shortened, we can do that for you. If you need a single delivery date, we can make that happen.

Relays the Game-Plan: Each of our moving customers will have a Move Coordinator whose main job is to communicate well and often. The Move Coordinator is the one point of contact for the customer, and he/she has a clear line of communication with the customer, sales team, and operations team to make sure the moving game plan goes smoothly and efficiently.

Ensures Coverage: In the event of loss or damage during a move, we have our customers protected with full-coverage options.

Secures Safety: All of our trucks and equipment at Dearman are consistently maintained and cared for. We have Workers’ Compensation for any injury or incident that may occur during a move.

Supports the Crew: We want to set our crew up for a successful move, so we communicate details of the move to our crew leads and ensure that they have all the necessary equipment for their jobs.  

Formats Fair Pricing: When we give you an estimate, there are no hidden fees. The bottom line price is the guaranteed price. We are more than willing and ready to tweak your estimate to help fit your moving needs and desires.

Retains Responsibility: If the ball is dropped during any of our moves, we take full responsibility and will do our part to make it right. The owners of Dearman Moving do not hide behind their employees, and they are more than willing to talk through moving problems and issues that may arise.

Employees Are Professionals: There are moving companies out there, who will grab an average Joe off the street to move people. At Dearman, we train, vet, and drug test all of our employees and offer them benefits and good pay. We will not allow someone into your home who we would not allow into ours.  

Educates Customers: At Dearman one of our main goals is to educate our customers by sending appropriate and helpful resources for their move. The sales team and coordinator are readily available to answer questions and walk you through the move process.

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