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Stay up to date with the latest news and information on the moving and storage industry by reading our blog! We feature informative and useful posts and articles to help you with tips for your move, as well as advice from our years of experience in the business


The Way of Life: The Minimalist Move

Marie Kondo has been a hot topic all around the U.S. for awhile now. First capturing a lot of the millennial generation, and then spreading to all generations across the nation. But is it Marie and her book that are causing this chain reaction all over the place, or are people just deciding to downsize […]

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Money Saving Moving Tip-Doing Your Own Packing: Televisions

Why Pack Your Own Televisions? Flat panel televisions are widely popular and are found in most households. When flat panel televisions reached the market, they were quite expensive, originally reaching into the 10's of thousands of dollars. To pack these televisions, moving companies charged hundreds to thousands of dollars. Although the price of televisions has […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano?

So, what if the the only item needing moved is a piano? Pianos can be purchased, inherited from a family member or friends, or even received as a donation. Is a free piano a good thing if you have to pay to move it?  Knowing the cost to move that piano can impact whether or […]

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A good life for the people

"It’s a constant reminder of why we’re doing this—not to line our own pockets, but to provide a good life for the people who work for us and to be a positive presence in our community. I want our community to be successful..." Tim Campbell Seventy-six days a week seems like a nonsensical proposition. To […]

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Spinning Plates

“Very few people who have ever died actually get a chance to tell you their story. For Tim Campbell, Chief Visionary Officer of Dearman Moving and Storage, it’s a story he’s grateful to be able to tell.” Tim Campbell, Chief Visionary Officer “I’ve always been this controlling, Type-A personality,” Tim relates. “And I had so […]

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