What Should I Tip My Moving Crew?

Tim Campbell  May 21, 2019  No Comments

A lot of our customers will ask what or even if they should tip their moving crew. Let me start off by saying there is no obligation from Dearman Moving to tip our crew members, and we leave that completely up to our customers.

In the past, we’ve had customers provide lunch/drinks for the crew members, and we’ve had customers who’ve tipped $100 per crew member. It truly varies situation to situation. On each job, there is a crew leader who often divides tips if applicable.

When deciding whether or not to tip your crew or how much to tip your crew, there are a few questions that we’d suggest you consider:

  1. How did you feel the crew took care of you and your household goods?
  2. What, if anything, did the crew do that went above and beyond your expectations?
  3. Was the crew respectful and polite to you, your family, and their co-crew members?
  4. Would you recommend this crew to people in your life who need movers?

Regardless if our crews are tipped or not, we have the expectation and confidence that they will treat our customers and their belongings with respect and care.

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