What on earth is delivery spread?

Tim Campbell  April 4, 2019  No Comments

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have when it comes to moving is that their shipment will arrive on a certain day of their choosing. There are ways for you to get a guaranteed delivery date, but it will most likely cost you more money.

When it comes to the moving industry there are a several different pieces literally moving at the same time. If your shipment is not big enough to fill an entire truck, your moving company is going to look for other shipments going your direction to fit on the truck. It is the most cost effective way for us to do business. Because of this, smaller shipments will have a delivery spread based off of the weight of the shipment and how far it is traveling. For example, a 5000 pound shipment, which is a typical 2 bedroom apartment, going 550 miles, may have a delivery spread of 3 to 13 days.

When you are ready to book your move, be sure to ask about delivery spread. If a certain day delivery is extremely important to you, ask what it would take for that certain day.

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