Understanding Your Out of State Moving Estimate

Tim Campbell  June 6, 2019  No Comments

It’s important to understand the moving estimate you’ve received from your estimator/moving company. Sometimes they are not the easiest to read or understand. For interstate moves, our jobs are based on the weight of the shipment, the number of miles traveled, the part of the county you need service in, and the time of the year. All of these are variables in determining the total cost of your move.

Here are some common Q&A’s when reading your move estimate:

How do you calculate the weight of the shipment?

After an inventory of the items to be moved is generated, our system gives us an estimated weight for the shipment/move. We will calculate the actual weight by weighing our truck before and after loading.

What does it mean for an estimate to be “Bound with a Weight Credit”?

Most of our interstate estimates are “Bound with a Weight Credit,” meaning if the weight of the shipment goes over the estimated weight, you will not be charged more as long as the inventory has not been changed. If the weight goes under the estimated weight, you will be reimbursed a weight credit from United Van Lines. They will mail you a check.

What is a weight credit?

If you shipment weight goes under the estimated weight, United Van Lines will reimburse you with a weight credit. You will be reimbursed a certain amount per 100 lbs that the shipment weight goes under the estimated weight. That amount varies from job to job. If you cannot find your weight credit amount on your estimate, ask your coordinator.

What coverage do I have for my move?

All interstate moves have full value coverage which is $6 times the estimated weight. You can declare more coverage for an added fee.

How long is my estimate good for?

Your estimate from Dearman Moving & Storage is active for 30 days. If you wait to book with us, and those 30 days pass, we will have to generate a new estimate. This can cause a jump in your moving costs, because one variable in determining total cost is the time of year you are moving. Supply and demand is a huge factor in price.

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