Understanding Your Intrastate Move Estimate

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It’s important to understand the moving estimate you’ve received from your estimator/moving company. Sometimes they are not the easiest to read or understand. For intrastate moves (moves over 50 miles within the state of Ohio), our jobs are based on the weight of the shipment and the number of miles traveled.

Here are some common Q&A’s when reading your intrastate move estimate:

How do you calculate the weight of the shipment?

After an inventory of the items to be moved is generated, our system gives us an estimated weight for the shipment/move. We will calculate the actual weight by weighing our truck before and after loading.

What does it mean for an estimate to be “Bound, Not to Exceed”?

Most of our intrastate estimates are “Bound Not to Exceed,” meaning if the weight of the shipment goes over the estimated weight, you will not be charged more as long as the inventory has not been changed. If the weight goes under the estimated weight, you will be charged for that actual weight.

How did you come up with the packing estimate?

Packing is based off the type of boxes needed for the job. The labor to pack the boxes is included, then the cost of each container is added. This link gives you the break down for the cost of the different types of boxes: MOVING SUPPLIES

What is the breakdown of charges?

The moving charges are based off the weight of the shipment, number of miles between origin and destination, and packing charges (see above). The rates are as follows:

-$30.75 per 100lbs

-$3 per mile

As an example, it's 126 miles from Dearman Moving and Storage of Cleveland to Dearman Moving and Storage of Columbus.

If the truck weights 2000 lbs:

$30.75 x 20 = $615

$3 x 126 = $378

$615 + $378 = $993 (not including packing estimate)

What coverage do I have for my move?

All intrastate moves have full value coverage which is $6 times the estimated weight. You can declare more coverage for an added fee.

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