Top 5 Moving Concerns

Tim Campbell  April 18, 2019  No Comments

Top 5 Concerns of Moving Customers and How Dearman Takes Care of Them

Dearman has been in business for over 55 years, we’ve done roughly 55,000 moves, meaning we have seen it all! Although each moving scenario is very unique, we rarely get caught off guard by someone’s relocation situation. Because of our experience, we can anticipate what our customers need and expect in a moving service. We also know what concerns you have when it comes to moving.

The top five concerns for people who are moving are as follows:

  1. Household goods breaking or getting lost
  2. Being scammed out of money
  3. Non-background checked/Inexperienced moving crew
  4. Crew being late or not showing up on load day
  5. Waiting days/weeks for delivery

Dearman's 5 Star Service Plans address these concerns:

  1. Full Replacement Valuation: We have your belongings fully covered
  2. Guaranteed Price: When we do an estimate, our price is guaranteed. We only change our price if you change your services.
  3. Your Safety Matters: Our crew is thoroughly background checked and vetted.
  4. On Time-Every Time: If we are late, you receive 25% rebate.
  5. Priority Scheduling: We offer day certain delivery/priority scheduling options on interstate shipments.

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