The satisfaction of a hard day’s work

Tim Campbell  December 29, 2020  No Comments

“When asked to describe in one word what it’s like to work at Dearman, she answers quickly: empowered”

Millennials. Ranging in age from twenty-three to thirty-eight years old, they are a much-maligned generation that has been saddled with a lot of unfortunate stereotypes. They demand a trophy for every outcome, win or lose. They are lazy and entitled. They refuse to work hard. They are unmotivated and directionless.

Bethany Cuthbertson, Regional Account Manager at Dearman Moving and Storage, seems to have made it her personal mission to defy every one of these stereotypes. The hustle…the grind…the satisfaction of a hard day’s work…these are what motivate her. Just turned twenty-five, Bethany also understands the importance of work/life balance, and she’s grateful to her boss, Dearman Chief Visionary Officer Tim Campbell, for insisting that she maintains that healthy equilibrium between her professional responsibilities and her life outside the office.

Outside the office, though, is where most of her work actually occurs. Bethany explains, “I would say I do MOST of my work from my car—my mobile office. Sometimes, for example, my first appointment can be in Cleveland at 9:00 a.m., then back in Mansfield for another appointment at noon, then back to Cleveland and end my night at 5:00, back home at 7:00 or 8:00. And in between, I’ll be working on a marketing project, or catching up on emails and phone calls.”

This flexibility is one of the things that convinced Bethany to transition her career to Dearman. “There is no way that I could just sit at a desk all day long—I’d absolutely hate my life if that were the case,” she says. But through the interview process and discussing with Tim what her role with the company would be, they created together with a sort of hybrid sales/marketing position that aligned perfectly with her previous skills and experience. The transition was so smooth and seamless, Bethany says, that almost immediately, Dearman “felt like home.” And much of the credit for that comfortable feeling goes to Tim. “Tim told me early on, ‘you don’t live to work; you work to live.’ And that’s so important to me because I often have to remind myself that yes, I DO have a life outside of work, but I’m such a type-A personality that it’s easy to forget that. But Tim even made it a point to tell me that if I’m going to be working on the weekends—he made it clear that I don’t HAVE to work weekends but IF I do—to carve out a little time during the work week, say noon to three on a Wednesday or whatever, just to take time for myself.”

When asked to describe in one word what it’s like to work at Dearman, she answers quickly: empowered. “Tim tells me all the time that he’s not my boss—that I’m his boss,” Bethany says. “He says that it’s his responsibility to make sure that all of us employees are getting everything we need to do our jobs successfully, so in essence, he is working for the US. It’s such an upside-down perspective, but it’s so reassuring to know that he’s the kind of boss who isn’t constantly looking over my shoulder or micromanaging every little move I make. I know that he trusts me, that he has confidence that I know what I’m doing or that we’ll figure it out together.”

When she thinks about the future, Bethany feels safe and assured that whatever changes might come about in her personal life, Dearman Moving and Storage will offer her the flexibility to accommodate them. “I’m somebody who wants to be a mom someday,” she explains, “but also someone who wants to have a career, and I know that finding a balance between those two things is sometimes challenging. But Tim told me early on, ‘if you decide to have kids someday and you want to work one day a week or five days a week, you’re still valuable to me no matter what you decide.’ Now, I’ll NEVER work just one day a week,” Bethany clarifies, continuing to defy her millennial classification, “but it’s really great to feel like I have value here no matter what.”

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