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Reasons for an In-Home Estimate

by Tim CampbellMay 30, 2019No Comments

A lot of times people are hesitant to schedule an in-home estimate. It feels like an inconvenience to have someone come into their home to take an inventory of everything that needs to be moved. There are several reasons why we strongly suggest an in-home estimate be performed before moving day, especially if you have more than a one bedroom house and/or need packing services.

  1. Overlooking Items: Many people do not realize how many items in one room needs to be moved. Take a look around your living room. If I asked, “What items need moved in your living room?” You’d list the obvious couch, loveseat, recliner, entertainment center, and TV. What about the end tables, area rug, pictures on the wall? It is easy to miss items. Our estimators are trained to see everything that needs to be moved.
  2. Forgotten Spaces: What about that crawl space under your stairs? The items in your attic? All that outdoor furniture? If you are not trained to take an inventory of every room/space in your home, you may even forget you have items in certain places of your home.
  3. Under Estimating Packing: Packing is another area that many people underestimate. What they think they can get in one box will actually need three boxes.
  4. For Your Safety: Unfortunately, there are many rogue companies out there, who do not even have a physical office space or warehouse of trucks. Having an in-home estimate will give you the peace of mind that there is actually a face to the company, and we’re not just scammers creating false estimates and collecting deposits.
  5. Difficult Pieces: Certain items can be awkward or difficult to move. Allowing the estimator to have eyes on these pieces will help him/her come up with a game plan for our crew come moving day.
  6. Angles, turns, and entrances: Our estimators will measure items and doorways to ensure the crew can fit certain pieces out to the truck. Our estimators also take into consideration truck access. They have an eye for low wires, hanging branches, difficult drives, etc.
  7. Setting Crew Up for Success: More often than not, when we send our crew to do a move that we have not gotten “eyes on,” they run into issues that cause time to be wasted and unnecessary frustration. When our estimators give perform an in-home estimate, they are immediately communicating with the move coordinator, who then communicates with the team. This communication sets our crew up for a successful, smooth move.
  8. The in-home estimator can give you an impression about the company you work with.  Do you trust them, are they listening to your needs and what is important to you? Were they on time, are they neat, professional, knowledgeable about the services? You are hiring a service hiring a service and trusting them with everything you own. If you are not comfortable with the in-home consultant, how comfortable will you be with the moving crew?  
  9. Time for Q&A: The in-home consultant is there to help you and determine everything that is needed to give you a stress free move. It can be a great time for face-to-face questions and answers. They are there to help you understand the move process and all the different services that will meet your moving needs.


If an in-home estimate is not possible for one reason or another, we can do virtual surveys. The more details that you can give us the better. We want to provide you with the service that best fits your needs and wants!  

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Karen Colpitss
"We were extremely pleased with Dearman Moving. Fair pricing, quick response to questions, frequent contact and a willingness to work with us when we had to move up our date. A special thanks to Nicole Lang for the assistance she provided throughout the process. The packers and loaders were efficient and professional. Despite snow on the second day of loading, they kept to the schedule so that we could leave Mansfield at a reasonable time. I would recommend Dearman to anyone."
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Nate Temple, Jordan H, Colton Henderson, Bill Hardin, and Cody Henderson did an outstanding job moving my family a few weeks ago. It was a long, hot move and the guys were above and beyond professional and patient. We were so grateful for their efforts and attention to detail. I recommend them to anyone needing to move. I knew it would be a hard move and hoped that all would go well. I could not be more appreciative for all they did on the two-day move. Dearman and the team are amazing!!!
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Jill Clark
"This company is wonderful to work with. Everyone I spoke to from start to finish were very professional and friendly. The movers, Chuck and Bill, were fabulous. When they got to my house, the road crew was working on the road I’m front of my house. The guys definitely went above and beyond, taking my furniture out the front door, down a small hill to the truck at the side of the house. Great job guys! I 100% recommend this company."
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This is the 2nd time I have used Dearman moving and storage and both times have been pleasant experiences. Colton was present for both moves and trust me, you want him there. He’s very professional and knows how to pack a truck and make sure your belongings are safe. Jordon, Cameron and Matt was also with Colton for our 2nd big move and all the guys were pleasant and worked very hard to get the job done Quickly and safely. Overall, from the first contact to execution, this was an excellent company to work with.
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