Moving Scams & Fake Reviews

Tim Campbell  July 15, 2019  No Comments

One of the most deceiving ways that moving brokers and rogue moving companies scam customers is by creating fake moving reviews and fake moving review sites.

These sites elevate these moving brokers to the top so it appears that they are great legitimate companies, and they often then put poor reviews of the legitimate moving companies on their site next to them. They also use names of sites that deceive you in believing they are consumer centric business to help you find the best safest movers. It’s all part of their scam to deceive you and get you to part with your hard earned money.

Here is an example of this practice used to deceive customers.

First, I want to show you a Safe site of a legitimate consumer advocate business. Notice the name of the site. The name of the URL creates trust, through the words “Consumer Advocates”. The .org also give credibility because .org is used for organizations that most times are non-profits. So you see a URL like this and your defenses go down because you believe it’s safe. This company is a safe company which does serve consumers.  

Below is an example of how people use those same things we have trust in against us to steal and deceive from us.

This company uses the same words “Consumer Advocate” (just one letter short of site above) to convey trust. It also uses the .org delineation to grab that believe that we have that this is a non-profit organization. But anyone can use the .org and use it to betray our trust of what we believe it actually means.

This company isn’t an actually review company but a company created to deceive consumers with misleading information. They don’t give honest credible evaluates of moving companies but instead place companies at the top of their list based on how much they were paid.

This company is actually based in Puerto Rico whose only purpose is to deceive you into choosing movers they have listed at the top of their site. They also mislead consumers in other industries as well. The reviews of these companies don’t match the reviews of these same companies on BBB, Google or other reputable review sites. You often land on their sites through Pay Per Click or Display ads when you search for things like top moving companies or best moving companies.

If you are going to move don’t get scammed by false reviews like these. There are plenty of more accurate ways to get information on a moving company.

We don’t recommend that you use just one of these categories, the most accurate picture of a company can be obtained by using multiple sources and types of each.

Ask friends, family and neighbors

Ask Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

Look at reputable sites like Google, Angies List, BBB,  Facebook,

Get a physical survey based on weight not cube - Weight is easier to verify and cube is easier to manipulate.

Please Call us. We’ll Be Glad to Help Give You An Honest Assessment of your choices, even if one of them isn’t us.  We want all customers to have a great moving experience, whether they use Dearman Moving & Storage or not.

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