Moving Brokers, Contractors and Employees. Part Two.

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Moving Contractors & Road Labor

This topic is not as bad as Part One, but it's still an issue that can create problems for you on your move. This problem isn’t as bad on local moves and in-state moves as it is on long-distance moves.

There are owner operators that lots of moving companies use to perform local and long distance moving.

These are legitimate contractors who have written agreements with the companies they are contracted with to perform moves and meet the standards of the company they work for. These are not the contractors that I’m referring to in this article. Some of these contractors are actually some of the best movers in the business. They own their own trucks and equipment and do a very professional job moving customers.   

The Moving Contractors and Road Labor I’m talking about are the “For Hire” local labor.

Many moving companies use them to get additional help in handling your move. Many of these contractors are like “Moving Mercenaries” that are always working for cash.   

The problem with many of these contractor laborers is that they are not background checked, and may or may not be people you would trust. Personally, I wouldn’t want a lot of these people in my home. They are a blight in the moving industry and many issues happen because of these contract laborers.

They aren’t accountable to anyone. They don’t actually work for the driver, and often times extort the driver for more money when they show up to help. Not surprisingly when these types of workers are on the job, problems arise like items being damaged and valuable items missing.

As a consumer, you should demand that the driver delivering your furniture only uses background-checked labor.

You could also let the company you book with know that you prefer to only have their employees on your job (sometimes this isn’t possible, but always ask ).  If the company you book with is part of major van lines, like United Van Lines or Mayflower Van Lines, then you can demand that they hire the help on the other end from their van line or another reputable van line in the area. The good moving companies know where to find good, legitimate movers to help them with your shipment. They know ultimately they are responsible for delivering your items safely and keeping you safe.   

DIY Moving Services (PODS, ABF, UHAUL, etc)

When you hire companies like PODS, ABF, UHAUL, or other DIY moving companies and you tell them you want them to provide labor to load or unload the truck, they are providing you help from the Contract Labor and Road Labor pool. Many of their movers are advertising on sites like Craigslist, and FB. They are often uninsured, not background checked, and have no affiliation with the companies that you hired to move your items. If you need professional help to load or unload PODS, ABF Containers, or rental trucks, call local moving professionals in your area. You may pay more, but they will have employees who are background checked. The company will have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to protect you from liability or loss.   

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