How much will my move cost?

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When you are planning a move, whether across town, across Ohio, or across Country the first thing you want to know is how much is it going to cost. While this seems like a logical question it really sends you in a direction that leads most of you away from what you want in a move.

Because moving companies aren’t selling a commodity, selecting a moving company isn’t as simple as picking the best price. Think of selecting a mover the same way you’d buy a car. Imagine going to a car dealership, one of those really big super-sized dealerships that has every brand of new and used car imaginable. You go in and meet the sales person and say to him, “How Much is a Car Going to Cost Me?”. You’d never do this because the cars on that lot probably go from under $1000 to way over $100,000. How could a sales person possibly give you an accurate price. Based on what you’ve asked him you are only interested in price, or more accurately the cheapest price. How would you feel if you went in to buy a heavy duty work truck and the sales person comes back and says “I think this used Prius is your best option”. When you start with price you end up with something that doesn’t meet your overall needs. He would need more information in order to meet your needs: New or Used, Electric or Gas, Luxury or Hauling Capacity, Sportiness or Seating Capacity, Functional or Luxury.

Believe it or not moving options are almost as wide and broad as buying a car. Like with buying a car, when you start with the question "How Much Will My Move Cost?", the sales person will try to sell you the lowest price moving option available, regardless if it's what best meets your needs.

While budget is something most of us need to consider when selecting a moving company, you shouldn’t make it your top priority. The best moving companies will help you to evaluate your best available options and also show you ways to accommodate your budget. Some things to consider when choosing a moving company:

The coverage on your items in case of damage - read our blog “The $1.20 MacBook Pro”

Not all moving companies have the proper liability and workers compensation insurance - leaving you exposed

Is your mover certified? In the State of Ohio every Mover is required to be
certified with the PUCO. If they aren’t certified they should be avoided because that certification exist to protect you. You can see certified Ohio Moving Companies at:

Who is the moving company hiring. Do they have felons working for them? Sex Offenders? Thieves? Outside Contractors? These are questions you need to ask before inviting them into your home.

Are these guys just 2 men who own a truck or are they professional trained and experienced at moving professionally? What is their training? What are their standards? There is big contrast between loading a moving truck and a garbage truck.

Moving Company or Moving Broker
A huge difference between these two and you need to make sure you are hiring Moving Companies and not Moving Brokers (read our Article “Moving Companies vs Moving Brokers” to protect yourself from making a horrible mistake.

Customer Comments
What are customers saying about the movers you choose? Do they have
good reviews and ratings? What are customer complaints? Have they been addressed and resolved? Don’t just look at their score, but read the negative reviews - is their a pattern or is it an aberration? Ask them how they revolved negative reviews.

What options and services do I want included in my move? Knowing how to determine the total cost of your move can help you make educated decisions on what service can actually save you money and get you a great benefit. Is DIY my only option or full-service moving, or a hybrid type of move.

What is their moving process? How do they communicate with customers? What can I expect along the way? How are they using technology to insure you have a great move and have great communication? Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns? Is everything clearly spelled out between you and them?

Total Cost
The overall total cost of your move is determined by much more than the figure at the bottom of your estimate. The Total Cost is determined by transit time, damage, missed work, hotels, overnight cost, and other hidden expenses along with the cost of the move. A personal moving consultant can help you discover your overall total moving cost so you can make the best decisions in your relocation.

What Guarantee does the moving company have? What if they don’t meet those guarantees? We believe the Guarantee is holds the moving company accountable to their promises. Check out our Guarantee.

Before you start talking price, or even before you pick a realtor have a conversation with a professional moving consultant to help you negotiate and navigate the best overall relocation experience. The purpose of this conversation isn’t to sell you anything, but to listen to your needs and help guide our towards the service that best meets all of your needs.

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