Moving Advice

United Van Lines has a great resource – a moving planner that keeps track of everything you will need over an 8 week timeline.

Moving is generally not a simple process. There are many aspects involved. At Dearman, we understand how important addressing your needs and concerns are and we strive to listen to you and find solutions to your problems.

Your satisfaction is our priority each and every day! To help make your move just a little bit easier, here is some great moving advice from our experts:

At Dearman, we provide full-service packing options<link to packing and unpacking page. If you want to pack yourself, make sure to look over our packing tips <link to packing tips page before you get started. Packing services are flexible – we can pack the entire house, that one special item and anything in-between.

Before Your Move
Here are a few reminders of tasks to take care of days, weeks, and months before moving day:

  • Determine what you want to keep, sell, or give away – have a garage sale if necessary.
  • Notify utilities and service providers, the postal service, and any other subscriptions that you will be changing your address.
  • ContactDearman– get an in-home estimate, ask about our personalized move planner, and communicate your needs to us. Plan your move with us well in advance so we can determine the appropriate budget and strategy.
  • Arrange plans to say farewell to any friends and family. Have a going-away party or visit some places that you will miss when you move.
  • Confirm your travel plans. Plan a smooth transition into your new home.
  • Prepare your household for the big day. Dispose of flammable items, drain fuel from machinery, discard non-allowables, prepare major appliances for shipment and have your utilities disconnected.

Moving Day
There will be some necessary paperwork on moving day. The High-Value Inventory Form will need signed and you can state whether or not items of extraordinary value are included. The Bill of Lading/Freight Bill states terms and conditions and is your receipt for the shipment.
While we take pride in doing most of the moving work for you, it’s important that you’re present on moving day. Take a last look around and make sure all windows are shut and locked, power is turned off, utilities are arranged for disconnection, and that you haven’t left anything behind!

Delivery Day
Again, be present to accept the delivery and pay charges. If you cannot be there, authorize another adult to be your representative.
Be in contact with the van operator about a time to accept the delivery. When the moving truck arrives, check your items as they are unloaded, direct movers on where to place furniture, and keep all documents pertaining to your move in a safe place.

Finally, you get to settle into your new home! Here are a few more important tips to consider after everything is moved:

  • Check in with your new post office and ask for delivery to start
  • Check new state or local requirements for auto registration and driver’s license
  • Select an attorney to go over new laws that pertain to your new destination – wills, transfers of property, investments, insurance regulations, taxes, etc.
  • The first few weeks in a new place can be difficult! Try to meet new people, have a positive attitude, and find a comfort level at your residence, job, neighborhood, etc.
  • Explore new grocery stores, restaurants, gyms and more in your area with this tool from United Van Lines.

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