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Tim Campbell  July 10, 2019  No Comments

In the past week, I have had 3 different potential moving leads get scammed because they went with the “cheaper option.”

When choosing a moving company for your move, please, PLEASE, do not go with the cheapest option. Time and time again it is proven that the cheapest option ends up not being so cheap and, at times, ends up being the most expensive option, let alone the headache involved.

Here is a list of red flags to be looking for when choosing a moving company:

Major Discrepancy Between Estimate: If an estimate is significantly cheaper than other quotes you’ve received, there may be some hidden fees that the company is not being upfront and honest about. 

Cubic Feet vs Weight: If you receive an estimate that is based off the total cube of the shipment instead of weight, then the mover may be trying to get more money for the amount of “stuff” being moved. They can loosely pack a truck to take up more space, driving the price up.

Little or No Coverage: If your estimate does not specify any coverage/insurance for your household goods, it could be because it does not have any or has very little. This means that if your items break or are lost, you will not be reimbursed. Many illegitimate companies will not include any sort of coverage in order to keep the estimate price seemingly lower.

Unknown Delivery Date/Spread: If a delivery date or spread for your shipment is not listed on the estimate or paperwork, then there is no guarantee of when your shipment will arrive. We’ve encountered situations, where people have not received their belongings months after the loading date, and they are not able to get ahold of the movers who have their belongings.

No Physical Address: If the company who gave you an estimate does not have a physical address that you can visit and see, then they may be virtual moving scammers. These scammers pose as movers, will collect deposits or reservation fees, then not show on moving day.

Asks for Deposit/Reservation Fee: If a company asks you to pay a deposit or a reservation fee for your move, then run. This is the number one way that people are scammed. Virtual scammers will take that money and never show on moving day or they will change the estimate price on moving day and just keep the money you put down.

If you have any questions about a company you are considering, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want people to have a positive moving experience regardless if they use Dearman Moving & Storage or not.

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