The Way of Life: The Minimalist Move

Tim Campbell  December 21, 2019  No Comments

Marie Kondo has been a hot topic all around the U.S. for awhile now. First capturing a lot of the millennial generation, and then spreading to all generations across the nation. But is it Marie and her book that are causing this chain reaction all over the place, or are people just deciding to downsize their stuff?

Canva - Two Chairs Facing Towards White Casement WindowBeing in the moving industry you meet all different types of homeowners, but the one thing I’m seeing almost on a daily basis now is the downsizing movement. More homeowners moving are saying the now famous words, “almost none of this is going.”

Sometimes this shocks me. Me, being someone who could not live without that extra cabinet to hold all the items I'll never use and never have used, but will not part with just in case. However, i understand the need for change, and how having too much stuff can make you feel like you’re surrounded by items that’ll start singing “be our guest” to you at anytime. None the less, its happening! And these homeowners seem to be at their own level of peace because of it.

I recently had an appointment where the customer was moving in Columbus from one 4 bedroom house to another, but taking about a third of the items. I kept thinking to myself, “what are you going to do with all of that open space?” Thinking it so much that eventually i just said it out loud to her. Her response was, “nothing.” Okay, weird but whatever. Then she went on to explain her daily routine and how so much extra time was spent cleaning up toys, dusting extra items. “I’m just ready for complete open space,” she said. I asked how her kids felt about the minimalist life. She said her kids were definitely not on board at first. Tons of crying about having to go through toys and only keep a few, and then slowly seeing the change in day to day life for all of them. “They weren’t things they were using or toys they were playing with, they were just use to them being there and that was their comfort zone.” “Hmm.. okay,” I thought. I guess i can see that.

Seeing this more and more has really opened my eyes to understanding the downsize movement. Will this continue? Are the days of antiques and collectibles coming to an end? There are tons of blog articles about stuff like that too! In the meantime, feel free to check out Marie Kondo here or on Netflix.

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