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Westerville has a reputation for excellence in education, lifestyle, and progressive thinking. If you’re looking at all of the local moving companies Westerville has to offer, you need to consider Dearman Moving and Storage. We are at the top of the list for complete moving and storage companies in the area. Our reputation, with over 100 five-star Google ratings, makes us one of the very best moving resources for you. We believe that we have the most capable staff to deal with your needs for moving into or out of Westerville.

We received our great ranking because of our experienced and highly-trained teams. From professional packing in Westerville to moving truck rental, we want to be your number one moving resource in Ohio. We have the talent and the desire to make your move easier and less stressful whether you’re moving across town or somewhere else in the nation.

As a fully licensed and insured company that uses only the trucks we own, you can trust our skilled team to provide the best possible no matter what your Westerville move requires.

Our full range of services includes planning, packing, transporting, and even storing your household furniture or business equipment without any issues. Portable storage in Westerville can be hard to come by, but we’ve got you covered. Dearman can take care of your move in-town, in-state, or across the nation with smooth professionalism.

ALL the Help You Need for Moving

Move with confidence with Dearman. We have earned the trust of hundreds of customers by moving their household goods or everything in their company on time, on budget with precision and care. Need a piano moved but don’t know which piano movers in Westerville you can trust? Look no further. Dearman can and will handle everything you need for your Westerville move, without problems.

Different Needs – ONE Resource

Organizational Moves

Call Dearman for the capability to avoid anxiety and get back in high gear in a hurry. We can deal with your need to move furniture, electronics, and more. Whether you’re moving one desk and one computer a hundred of each and all the files and cabinets that hold them, our team outperforms all of the other local moving companies Westerville offers. We work hard every day to earn the trust of our customers of any size by having the most season and dependable team possible.

Special Items

No matter how fragile or irreplaceable your items are, our experienced team members can make sure nothing gets damaged or misplaced. Whatever you need to move in or out of Westerville, we will take the best care of it.

Special People – Senior Citizens

We understand the needs of seniors. You are changing gears and taking the time to decide how to simplify your life. Our staff knows how to help you get the most down with the least concern and will assist you in any way to de-clutter and move on to fewer complications and less personal effort. Let Dearman help you deal with your Westerville move. Start by taking advantage of our planning capability, and find out how much we can do for you.

Wonderful Westerville

Westerville has two zip codes because its area includes both Franklin and Delaware counties. Westerville has a population of over 37,000 people and a median income of $86,000+ a year, which places it in the upper echelon of communities in Ohio and the U.S.

Westerville is famed as “The Dry Capital of the United States” because it was the home of the organization that drove the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which became known as “Prohibition.” Carrie Nation and the other leading lights of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union led the battle for the outlawing of alcohol for many years. Westerville only legalized the retail selling of alcoholic beverages relatively recently.

Westerville is also the home of the very prestigious Otterbein University, home to many famous graduates, including Tim Russert, a television star and lawyer who moderated the program “Meet the Press” for over 16 years. The city also was the home of many college stars as well as professional NFL players.

One of the city’s proudest accomplishments is the lolng0term and well-recognized excellence of its school system, which has made it the home-buying locational choice for parents who want their children to the very best education.

Whether you’re coming to or leaving Westerville, Dearman has the competency to provide the top-notch for all your moving needs. From a simple moving truck rental in Westerville to packing up your whole house, you can trust Deaman. We have the know-how to meet your needs for planning, packing, transportation and storage.

We believe that Dearman Moving and Storage is the best company for your Westerville move. Our motto is based on our respect for your property – Your Stuff Has a Story (sm) and we want that story to continue for you.
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