Office/Industrial Relocation

Office Moves
We offer multiple moving solutions for your office moving project, whether just a few pieces or large scale office move.

Move Planning
If you are planning to move 2 employees or 200, the key to a successful office move comes down to one thing, pre-planning. There are a number of ways an experienced office moving company can help your office move go smoothly and efficiently. We have developed systems and tools specifically for office moves.
When you need to move your office or business it needs to be as noninvasive and unobtrusive as possible allowing your business to maintain as much of your core business activities as possible. We feel this is best accomplished in the planning stages of the move. We work together with your company and your leaders to decide what are the essentials and non-essential operations which can and cannot be moved during peak and non-peak times. We come up with a strategy incorporates moving your business in the most efficient and cost-effective way, yet still allowing you to maintain connections to your customers and vendors.

Questions You Should Be Asking
When getting ready for an office relocation here are some questions you should consider.
• Who is doing the packing?
• Are employees responsible for moving personal items?
• Who will disconnect computer systems?
• Will the computers need moved prior to the furniture in order to be hooked up on time?
• Do you have a detailed office diagram with locations assigned to employees or common areas?
• Are there any access or elevator restrictions in your new building?
• Will your move effect other tenants in the building?
• Will construction or remodeling be complete by move day?
• Is any of your equipment leased? If so, does the company that owns the item require that they move it?
• Are you planning to move items that could be purged prior to moving?
• Does your move need to be done in phases to prevent any downtime?
We can meet with your team to answer these questions and begin the planning stages of your move.
As you can see there are a lot of considerations. The sooner you can involve your mover in these plans the better. Utilize our experience to make your relocation as pain free as possible.

Move Scheduling
Office and business moving is often accomplished during evening and night hours, weekends and even holidays. We understand this and work with our customers to fit their schedules not ours.

Our Crews
In our business it is the utmost importance that our crews are drug tested and background checked. Because of the sensitivity of being in home and business, none of our employees from the CEO to the casual helper can have felony records or be using controlled substances. When our employees our in your business they will be in full uniform making them easily identifiable. Our crews will interact with your employees on professional manner.

Our Experience
We’ve been in business since 1963 and over that time we’ve performed hundreds of office and business relocation’s. These moves have consisted of business which moved a few pieces across the hallway to major corporations moving to other countries. Our experience has included family business, banks, law firms, libraries, schools, city buildings, hospitals and medical offices, telephone and communication equipment, manufacturing plants, and major corporate offices.

Relocation - Ohio health move
Office move for Ohio Health


Relocation - Richland Mall Job
A job at the Richland Mall












Multiple Solutions
We realize that not every business is the same and not every product meets the needs of every customer. Some customers just need to rent a truck or equipment to handle their office of equipment moves, others just need to hire some labor and others need the whole gamut of moving services. When you call us we don’t try to shoehorn you into a specific product, instead we listen to what you need and try to tailor our products to best suit your needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Full Service Office Moving
• Modular Furniture assemble and disassemble
• Full Service Packing
• Moving Supplies, Boxes, Tape, Labels
• Moving Equipment Rentals – Dollies, Trucks, Pads
• Rigging, Hoisting, Forklift, Special Handling
• IT Support and Handling
• File Moving and Organizing
• Equipment or Product Moving

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