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Yes, we can pack that for you!

by Tim CampbellDecember 30, 2019No Comments

Your family has a lot of belongings and they have to get to your new home. Doing all of this yourself is time-consuming and doing it in such a way that nothing is broken is even harder.

Dearman offers professional packing services. This removes this burden from your family and ensures that everything is protected as well as possible. Think of all the things you have to pack in your home. The dishes, glasses, china, books, small appliances & electronics, canned goods and unopened dry food, decorative items, pictures, artwork, mirrors, lamps, clothing, linens, bedding and cushions, toys and games, mattresses, tools and garage items.

Our team can pack everything, some things or just the things you do not want to pack.

Full Packing Service

The Dearman Moving team will carefully pack all of your family's belongings. This allows you to focus on all the other complexities of moving like preparing your children and pets to move, turning on/off utilities, change of address, saying goodbye to neighbors and friends.

Partial Packing

This service level lets you delegate which items you want our professionals to pack. You pack all the things you do not want anyone else to pack. Maybe you can do most of your own packing but you just don’t want to pack the kitchen or the garage. Let us help with the time consuming parts.

Basic Packing

This service is a great way to control your moving budget. Your family packs up most of your belongings and leaves the more complex things to the Dearman Moving team. Our team can pack, unpack and set up your beds in your new home. Sleeping in your own bed in your new home is much nicer than the mattress on the floor. With this service, our team can also pack your large mirrors and dressers.

Packing Specialty & Unique Items

Specialty items like precious artwork or collectibles, models or crafts, marble tops, chandeliers, ornate items or decorations that are more fragile than everyday items, you may want to have the movers pack just those items. These items may require specialty boxes or crates, special wrapping and handling. When you have items like these make sure to inform your moving coordinator.

Am I covered if I pack my own belongings?

Our team treats every item and box as if it were our own, no matter who packed it. A damaged box is covered no matter what, even if you packed it. However, if there is damage to an item in a box that was not damaged, you could be responsible for those damages. Ask your moving coordinator for more information about coverage.

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