Hate Packing?

Yeah, we can do that for you too!

Your family has a lot of belongings and they have to get to your new home. Doing all of this yourself is time-consuming and doing it in such a way that nothing is broken is even harder. 

Our team offers a variety professional packing services. This removes this burden from your family and ensures that everything is protected as well as possible.

Professional Packing Services

Remove the burden of packing during your move

Think of all the things you have to pack in your home. The dishes, glasses, china, books, small appliances & electronics, canned goods and unopened dry food, decorative items, pictures, artwork, mirrors, lamps, clothing, linens, bedding and cushions, toys and games, mattresses, tools and garage items.

Our team can pack everything, some things or just the things you do not want to pack.

Packing Tip!

Pack a few boxes yourself. 

On average, you can save $200 for every 10 boxes you pack yourself. So if your comfortable, pack your clothes, garage or the basement yourself and save! 

How we calculate Packing Prices

A good rule of thumb would be $250.00 per every 1,000 pounds

Example Move

Are you thinking about having a full pack on your move? A good rule of thumb would be $250.00 per every 1000 pounds. Look at our chart to calculate a ballpark weight.

3 Bedroom House

8000 - 14000 Pounds

Full Packing Service

$2000- $3500 Cost



Studio Apartment 500-1500
1 Bedroom Apartment  1000-2500
2 Bedroom Apartment 3500-6000
3 Bedroom Apartment 5000-9000
2 Bedroom House 6000-9000
3 Bedroom House 8000-14000
4 Bedroom House 12000-20000
5 Bedroom House 18000-25000+

Am I covered if I pack my own belongings?

Our team treats every item and box as if it were our own, no matter who packed it. A damaged box is covered no matter what, even if you packed it. However, if there is damage to an item in a box that was not damaged, you could be responsible for those damages. Ask your moving coordinator for more information about coverage.