Penske Truck Rentals

Penske Truck Rentals

Let’s face it – professional moving services aren’t the best solution for everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with Penske Truck Rentals to offer additional moving options. We share the same building with an authorized Penske truck dealer on 961 N Main St in Mansfield, Ohio.

Penske truck rentals are available for local, long distance and one-way moving. A variety of sizes can be rented to handle your small or large move.

Our moving equipment is also rented out and sold at our Penske office. Read below for more details on business truck rentals, personal truck rentals, and moving equipment rental:

Business Truck Rentals

Whether you own several corporate offices or a small, local business – Penske’s business reservations center can meet your moving needs.

Business rentals can be available on short notice when your business grows and you haven’t had the time or resources to add additional equipment. Get a quote on light duty and medium duty trucks, heavy duty tractors, semi-trailers and one-way trucks.

Personal Truck Rentals

Penske’s trucks are not only meant for businesses, but also to anyone who needs extra transportation space. With 12 to 26 foot long trucks, you can easily move a one-bedroom apartment or a 7-room estate.

Moving back to school for the fall or home for the summer? Ask us about getting a college discount. Penske moving trucks are perfect for back-to-school moves when you don’t want to make 2 trips. You can even rent professional moving equipment to make your move even more easy and efficient.

Get a quote and learn how renting a personal moving truck might be the best option for you.

Moving Equiment Rentals

If you’re going to complete a move on your own, don’t just rent a moving truck. Dollies, furniture pads, packing tape and many more items will help you move like the pros.

See what equipment we have here and browse through other items at our Best Priced Boxes division. Our goal is to simply provide the best solution for you! Contact us anytime with questions and to learn more about how you can combine products and services.

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