DIY Moving

In today’s market, customers want and need more moving and storage options to suit their specific needs and lifestyles. As we’ve seen the needs of our customers change over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve added an additional line of DIY moving options to meet the needs of those who are able efficiently move themselves.

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Each of our products and services can be combined with others to meet your specific moving needs:

DIY Moving - Penske Truck Rentals

Penske Truck Rentals:

Are you a business owner looking to move an entire office? Or simply an individual moving from one apartment to another? We provide local and out-of-state business and personal Penske trucks in a variety of sizes that fit your needs perfectly.

Loading and Unloading


Many seniors are unable to perform the physical labor necessary to load and unload items from a truck. Even for young, able-bodied adults – moving large items can be tricky and packing a truck efficiently is more difficult than it looks. That’s why we offer professional loading and unloading services if the labor part of your move is most challenging.

DIY Moving Equipment Rentals

Moving Equipment Rentals:

Aside from truck rentals, we offer all the other moving supplies you will need if you want to completely do the job yourself. From appliance dollies to moving boxes to packing tape, you can rent or purchase the same moving supplies the professionals use!

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