Senior Relocation

Senior Relocation

When moving seniors to an assisted living or senior living facility it requires a slightly different plan. Here’s how we handle senior relocation:

We understand that when moving a senior parent or relative how difficult it can be for everyone involved. It is our job to make this transition go smoother and to reduce some of the stress involved in this type of move. Moving can be stressful for everyone, but when moving a senior to an assisted living facility or senior living facility it can be much more stressful because they are often leaving their home and many of their life’s belongings behind.

Because of our experience in performing so many of these moves over the years, we’ve recognize what it takes to be more successful in handling these types of moves.


We can’t be in a hurry when we’re moving seniors. They often want to take time and sort things and look at things and share stories and memories. When we move them, that is often part of the process. Our crews and staff will be very patient with them on the phone and on the job allowing them to move at their pace. They are our elders and they deserve our respect and patience.

Professional/Uniformed/Background Checked Crews

We wouldn’t want our parents to have criminals or dishonest people in their homes so we do everything we can to make sure that we don’t place them in your parents home either. No employees in our company will have a criminal record. Our crews are all drug tested and background checked also. To distinguish our employees from someone walking down the street, our employees will always arrive at the job in full uniform so they can easily be recognized as our employees.

Professional Handling

Often when we move seniors every piece is an heirloom or has special memories attached to it. We know how important it is to take care of their belongings and make sure they arrive in the exact same condition as when we arrived.


Our staff is discreet in all of our moves, but sometimes with seniors a little more discretion is needed. We understand those circumstances and will accommodate those special needs.

We help seniors in Ohio move often and the reviews on our Facebook page speak highly of our senior relocation services:

The crew was so very helpful, professional and courteous in moving our 92 year-old mother’s things to her new assisted…

Posted by Phyllis Morrow Sams on Friday, October 30, 2015


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