Speciality Items

Piano & Moving Large Specialty Items

Have you ever tried to move a piano down a flight of stairs? What about that hot tub that sits in the backyard? Specialty items like these ones can be nearly impossible to transport. Luckily, Dearman Moving & Storage has solutions for those large items.

If you are needing to move a large piece such as a piano, hot tub, safe, large refrigerator  or another item that’s awkwardly massive, we would be glad to give you a flat price move for these services.

specialty items

We have the experience, equipment and training to handle these pieces safely and efficiently for you.   Our crews have experience with these items in the most difficult of moving conditions and places. For example, the pictures above and below this paragraph illustrate one of the creative solutions our crew come up with when having to move a large specialty item. In this case, moving a dresser out of a small farmhouse window was the only way to get it out of the room. Although this may look dangerous, we can assure you that keeping our crew and the item they’re moving safe are always the top priorities!

moving specialty items


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